It just keeps getting better – better every day

How long ago was it we were freezing the proverbial off in the snow, a lifetime ago now. Today it is hot, hot, hot. My roommate yesterday was a middle-aged motorcyclist from Munich, of all places. He was riding the very latest BMW (what else) a big 1200 cc touring bike, and boy will he eat up the miles on that bike. We did talk motorcycles, of course, and I told him I had a BMW R80RT back in 1980. The problem I had with the bike was, my ducks disease, (we short legs) and when I came to traffic lights or a stop sign I had to tip it over on one side to reach the ground, and on a heavy touring bike that is not what you want. He assured me the new models have height adjusting seats and hydraulic suspension, so you can set the high, up or down with the press of a button, however, I was not persuaded to rush out and buy one.

We met up at breakfast and chatted away me telling him all the things I like about Germany from its great cycle paths to its insane cleanliness, no polythene bags trees or chewing gum, stuck to pavements

“You will be fined for dropping chewing gum on the pavement,” he told me. Well, that explains it, for if there is one thing that Germans are good at, it obeys the law.

One thing, I told him, I would take away from this trip is just how out of step the EU and politicians, seem to be with the people I meet every day on my travels, and without any prompting, from me, he launched into a scathing attack on getting involved in Ukraine. Boy did he get on his high horse, about the economy, the cost of living, and the high cost of housing, seems they are becoming unaffordable for Mr and Mrs Everyman. Then again is it not the same at home.

After breakfast, I did a bit of dobby, (run out of nickers) before heading off on a sightseeing trip into the city. I still had my newly charged hearing aids in, and as I made my way down through the woods to the river, I was serenaded, with the sound of the morning chorus, of songbirds, which kind of set the tone for the morning.

In Scotland, you will see notices in recreational parks showing you pictures of the wildlife you are likely to see on your ramble and never do. Here I have seen all of these plants and yes, the little lizards too.
This is the townhouse or Rathaus, and on the wall by the door to the Tourist information is the height that the water reached in flood years, this is serious stuff. just see how low the river is now in comparison with the road level on the opposite bank add the height of the wall to road level then add the marks on the wall. We are talking here at around .


The Rathaus tower
The doorway with the markings and dates
For clarity
Shame about all the workmen’s vans, in the background the rear of St Peaters
Inside the building to the left was this grand staircase and this was one of the lamps on that staircase
Frolicking cherubs on the ceiling
The building from the outside
Most of the centre of the old town is traffic-free with narrow streets, pleasant to walk around
It didn’t work on me
Sets are everywhere, sets last forever and are easy to repair, here you see they have been laid on hard-packed sand with a layer of pee gravel – pee gravel is none compactable.
Spring is in the air
Sometimes I just sit here – Sometimes I sit here and think
A lot of work went into that little plot
The organ at St Peter’s
The nave
The builders are in
The alter
This is my home for the next four days – honest
I could go via these steps, but I have enough trouble with the two flights up to my bed
You cant be serious
Home at last
That’s my room with the open window
Nice view
Seems to have lost her reins
An unmade bed – maybe I should enter it in the Tate
And yes, we have them here too
the long and winding road
and a welcome cup of tea at the end

in the city, I just meandered taking in the ambulance of the place, lots of souvenir shops, of course, but not the tacky hey Jimmie hats, and junk, all the way from China we see in the streets of Edinburgh these days, most are selling quality, often hand made goods, especially leather.

Oh, and for you followers of fashion, the trendy colour this spring is Emerald Green, and if not that, certainly bright and colourful, so Hamilton is right in fashion with his trendy breeks.

By afternoon I was feeling a bit peckish and suffering withdrawal symptoms so headed back to the barracks. Loaded up with goodies and my picnic stove and went out to sit under the Spanish chestnut tree just outside my window. I seemed to be attracting a lot of people, and I may even appear on some web site of theirs,

The look isn’t he quaint, not sitting outside a café drinking very expensive coffee, he must be Scottish.

Stay safe

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