Yet One More Sunday

My computer tells me that it is 8C and frost.

No matter how often I travel by train, I still get anxious about being on the right platform, the right train have I passed my stop, and I suppose it takes its toll. After arriving here yesterday I felt tired although I had done little, but hump a heavy-laden bike around on and off trains.

Having booked into my YH and finding it superb, apart from sharing a room with 8 other lads, yet in no way does it feels claustrophobic, for the room is large and airy, and with modern ablutions giving it the feeling of a five-star hotel.

Now I do not mind shared rooms, but I am a bit old fashioned and much prefer single-sex rooms, the freedom of padding off to the shower with only a towel wrapped around, I like, although I am sure the girls do not mind, they will all have been to the swimming baths and seen much worse than this wrinkly old man’s body,

“Would you look at that Jessie, you wouldn’t credit it”   

I shaved and showered, and now in fresh clothing relaxed immediately, I find some places do that, I lay in my bunk bed and let my mind wander over the past two weeks, a lifetime away from the petty mindedness of home, and like Shirley Valentine, I did not want to return to my old life, then I suppose I have always been a bohemian.

I had been out for a short walk, and as I returned there was some confusion up ahead at the bridge with police and ambulance staff milling around, when I did arrive at the bridge whatever had happened was now over and the police and ambulance staff were indulging in ice cream and chatting away to one another, how different to the overstretched, and underpaid NHS I thought.

I was early to bed, and although I woke early, as usual, I felt no inclination to rise, I was warm, cosy, and very, very content with my lot so lay a while longer, days like this are good, and to be indulged. I will be going off to breakfast soon, all included as in Salzburg, and today being Sunday will take a stroll around just to be my bearings.

I have said something about the railways here and travelling by bike on them, take Munich for instance, it has 36 platforms, and thousands of passengers, coming and going all the time so somewhere in this maelstrom, you have to buy your ticket (from a machine the information desks have lines of people at them) find the platform (not always on the ticket) and the right train. The internet is a blessing for times and if you have to change trains. I normally use the arrival time to help me get ready to disembark.

Munich is different from all the other stations I have visited, for it is all on the same level, normally you have to take an elevator from the platform down to a sub level then back up onto the platform you require, I like the local trains rather than the big (and I mean big) ICE trains, that have a special carriage for bikes and prams, you have to book your bike on board these trains.

On local trains, you do not,

Not the safety strap acts just as a safety belt in a car

but bikes share space on all trains with prams and mums are not too fussy about pushing their pram into any space and clattering your stead, so if you see a woman coming on board with a pram, luggage and kids in toe, best help her, if only for your bikes health.

Ticket inspectors will say,

“You have not paid for your bicycle”

When they inspect your ticket, I always answer, it’s a folding bike, (which travel free on all trains) and the inspector will quickly apologise, no one has yet questioned why my folding bike is not folded, so there does not seem to be a rule that it must be folded to travel on the train free.

Off to find breakfast now then I will do a recognisance of the town, I really do love cycling around towns and cities since all have cycle only tracks.

Stay safe.  

3 thoughts on “Yet One More Sunday

  1. In London a few years ago I found Google Maps invaluable for travelling by train. It constantly updated the times of the next train, where to change and what platforms to use. Like you I’m an anxious traveller, constantly worrying about missing connections. I found using Google Maps very reassuring and that it removed much of the stress.

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