Sunday Part Two

I had forgotten that today was Sunday and like most other parts of Austria all shops are closed, the exception being the bakers and sticky bun shop. Luckily I had some rations leftover from Munich, butter, cheese tomatoes and bananas, so the bairn will not have to go to bed hungry.

This is my quarter for the next three days,

again something I have learned, and by it, had to adapt my plans. B&B in hotels is super expensive in this part of the world so it is much cheaper to board a train to the nearest big town or city with a hostel.  

This is the Stone Bridge, the first to cross the Danube (although I am not sure it would have looked quite so pristine.

Churches upon churches, they are certainly a few around. And being Sunday, peels of bells ring out much like the Muezzin in his minaret calling the faithful to prayer. The biggest is of course St Peter’s Church the Regensburg Cathedral, and still seems to be under care and maintenance, like all of these old churches.

I came across this sign for what appears to be part of the old Roman fort – closed today but somewhere I must visit.

Later in the morning, I found this sculpture that is showing the line of Roman forts dotes all along the northern border. I can imagine the young recruits, having been trained at some boot camp in Italy, now on their past out day and being given their marching orders, silently saying,

“Not the northern borders, please”

Much as the new officers leaving the Salvation Army training college in London, putting up a silent payer,

“Please God, any cross but Kings Cross”   

A bit more upmarket than my place
Ludwig 1 note ow he is depicted like a Romen Emperor rather than a king

Everything is so pristine, squeaky clean even old Ludwig here has been washed and polished not covered in birds drippings as we see in George Square.

What do you do when the pubs are closed you have an open-air party, actually, it may be one of those high days and holidays, being Easter and all.

Also, there were a lot of people in national dress, which seemed to be used like the kilt in Scotland for high days and holidays, such as weddings.

It is very cold now so it’s back to the barracks, for tea and bread.

Keep safe.

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