Sorry more bikes.

Well, it did rain constantly, but never heavy and no predicted wind, so why not walk to the market that way you can keep dry under your umbrella. Walking also gives you a chance to stop when you spot something of interest; unfortunately walking is a lot more exhausting than cycling, and when I arrived at the market, was told,

Self-explanatory flower market just a small part of this vast complex

Sorry, the guided tours are off due to Coronavirus” drat and double drat.

What did we see on the way, the river,

and a lot of bikes,

Aride on pram two-seater plus driver with room for messages.

all different shapes and sizes,

and a boat on top of a bridge, which was actually a restaurant?

These are the hire bikes – you pick up anywhere and drop off anywhere – it said 10c a minute 5X60 = 3 euro per hour, you could easily do 10 miles, so even a five-mile commute to the station would only cost a few euro, and you do not have to look after it, service it, or leave it at the station until you return home, just pick up another. Then again storage at the railway stations is in multi-tier racks and undercover.

No more plugging an integrated cycle network, I promise. Anyway, it will never happen in Scotland – how long did it take to get permission for the Aberdeen bypass 20 years was it? Then there is the cost, and high cost there will be, although every pound spent would be returned tenfold. The Scottish government have wasted million on ferried no one now wants, over priced, years late in delivery. then the Bi-Fab. the selfie queen (Nicola Sturgeon) does not have a good track record when it comes to picking a winner. Oh, and please don’t mention the money spent to try and get an innocent man jailed, because he was her rival. Oh well, it was a nice dream anyway.

Keep safe

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