People who need People

In the movie Funny Girl, Barbra Streisand sang the song ‘People’

People who need people
Are the luckiest people in the world
We’re children, needing other children
And yet letting a grown-up pride
Hide all the need inside
Acting more like children than children

What I love most about travelling is simply people needing people. And when five strangers are thrown together in one mixed room, you soon become friends. Up until yesterday, it had been an all-male room, and then it was all changed when a young couple from Thailand entered our world. Now even when we tried very hard to be quiet and not disturb others, we sounded like a herd of elephants. This girl was really quiet from the first, letting her partner do all the talking and introductions, make all the decisions, almost dutiful like. But what really amazed me was how she could move around so quietly and with such delicacy that made her all but invisible. I would love to ask if this is a trait of all Thai girls.

Once more I am blessed with fine weather, and blue skies all the way, so I was up early and ready to hit the road on new refreshed legs. I want to go to the Nymphenburg Palace today, only 6k away, if I don’t get lost, my navigation skills have left something to be desired of late. When you pass the same building twice, you know something went wrong, but thrice, you know it is time to get out the map once more. Yes, navigating in cities requires a whole new skill set.

Here are some of the places I passed along the way, so clearly lost

Coming back was a doddle since it was into a headwind all the way there I simply let it carry me home, home in half the time.

The Nymphenburg Palace (Palace of the Nymphs) as the name implies, is built in the Baroque style and combined with its park (Nymphenburg Palace Park) it is one of the premier royal palaces of Europe. Its frontal width of 632 m (2,073 ft) (north-south axis) is big, even surpassing Versailles Palace (France). It served as the main summer residence for the former rulers of Bavaria the House of Wittelsbach. The palace was commissioned by Ferdinand and Henriette and Henriette Adelqide of Savoy it was they commissioned Agostino Barelli the Italian architect in 1664 after the birth of their son Maximilian 11 Emanuel. The central pavilion was completed in 1675. As a building material, it utilised limestone from Kelham. The palace was gradually expanded and transformed over the years. It then quickly replaced the nearby Blutenburg Castle as a major hunting lodge of the court and competitor to Schleissheim Palace.

Starting in 1701, Maximilian Emanuel, the heir to Bavaria, a sovereign of the Holy Roman Empire, undertook a systematic extension of the palace.

Finally, Nymphenburg Palace was completed with a grand circle, the Schlossrondell of Baroque mansions (the so-called Kavaliershäuschen – cavalier’s lodges) erected under Maximilian Emanuel’s son.

Charles Albert lived during his time in Munich as Holy Roman Emperor at Nymphenburg Palace and died there in 1745. In 1747, Elector Max 111 Joseph founded the Nymphenburg Porcelain. In 1792, Elector Charles Theodor opened the park to the public.

Today, Nymphenburg is open to the public but also continues to be a home and chancery or the head of the House of Wittelsbach, currently Franz, Duke of Bavaria.

the West Wing
The East Wing
You even have a canal running up to your front door
Not bad as front doors go
The back lawn is not so bad either

This would be a normal cycle track here in the city, and they do not stop, they go on like this all over the city. You are kept well away from the traffic and from pedestrians, you have priority when crossing site streets other than major road junctions where you take your turn at the lights. it is sheer heaven. I followed behind a young woman taking her two children to Kindergarten in one of these bikes with a box on the front and she did a steady 18 kph, bikes here are quicker than a car for getting around. Compare this with cycling at home – well, there is simply no comparison. and you can rest assured that the girl, in front, will not need health club membership, will need a doctor far less in her lifetime, and have a better prospect of a happier old age. Scotland is prehistoric when it comes to alternative transport, costing the country’s NHS in the end. If you put in the infrastructure people will use it, and it will pay for itself in the wellbeing of the nation – but then we are talking about the Scottish Government after all – a branch office of Westminster.

Stay safe

One thought on “People who need People

  1. Would love to have biking infrastructure like that here in Australia. Unfortunately the bicycle is only just beginning to be noticed by the politicians.


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