Today is an unplanned rest day, just could not be bothered doing anything very strenuous, so I strolled around the shops just window shopping. The sun was out and whether it was because of the contrast over the past few days or not, it felt really warm, too hot in fact for an anorak. I bought a big stodgy cookie and sat for a while just watching the world go by. Early afternoon I took myself off to a nearby park and brewed up some mink tea and some German sausage, very tasty.

I had to buy a new woolly hat, left my old one on the train from Salzburg, thank goodness my heads screwed on.

I was thinking about the BMW museum and of course, it was not just passed models they were showing. When you get to the top of the tower you see Hydrogen and Electric cars and the first thing that you notice is just how few parts go into e-cars. Some have a full floor pan containing batteries others a spine running from back to front, much like the old prop shaft tunnel, in a conventional car. The other big change is the dashboard; they are no more, replaced by a screen (that presumably when switched on will give you all you need to know.) The hydrogen engines are far more complicated for they have to have gas storage tanks, which I suspect will be in cars that have to travel a good distance in a day or for commercial vehicles.

Here are a few of the cars on display

This is the hydrogen car
These are all the components of an e-car, floorplan battery, motor, and the box of tricks
This is what they were doing a decade ago, looks like it is doing 100 mph just sitting there
Always wanted one of these
Do you think this may have been aimed at the American market?
Real classic

Taht’s all Folks


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