It is not raining here also

I was hoping to visit The Eagles Nest while, in the area, but it will not be open until May, which was a disappointment.

I have now settled in, but must not settle down, easy to let the time drift by when you are booked in for a week. I have been to the supermarket for some rations, mostly bread, butter, cheese and cooked ham for sandwiches for my daily treks, can’t really afford to eat out in cafes and restaurants every day, and yes, I did buy a packet of Sugar Puffs, probable have gone off them by the end of the packet. There will be no problem keeping stuff refrigerated just put it outside on the window ledge. Breakfast (all you can eat) 6 euro 50, not a lot but it will add up, I’ll have a go at the Sugar Puffs first.

The area I am in is hotching with hotels every other building seems to be a hotel. Shops are aplenty and all seem to be doing a roaring trade, unlike Fife where shops are struggling to stay open; then again these are shops selling everyday items, not tourist goods.

Guess what the password is for the internet? Happyhour@4:30 – Do you think they are trying to sell us something?

I have been reflecting on the past week how it has gone. I do not think I would really pick the Danube from source to sea the first part has little interest after leaving the Black Forrest, which was stunningly beautiful, and always interesting, then I have always been a cycle climber rather than a sprinter.  Going up or coming down at a fast rate of knots around hairpin bends, just too scared to look at my speedometer for the last time I did take a peek it was over 50K per hour, scary stuff at my age. Yes, there are better adventures to be had, not that I regret a minute of the time spent, maybe if the weather had been better…….

A good decision to up sticks and head for Salzburg, great accommodation at a fraction of the coast, and you will never be bored for something to do, outside and in. Although many of my fellow travellers were youngsters they were happy to bring me into their company, always said hello, asked what I had been up to, genuine interest, it meant a lot to me, not to be treated like an old man, “It’s a YH, the clue is in the name grandpa”. We need to start teaching languages in primary school in Scotland, these kids put us to shame, they all speak English like natives, (and better than this native).

I was thinking with the 30 something, doodling in the snow on the bench, we all have a child inside us, why are we so afraid to be ourselves? Why do we get all these feelings if we are not allowed to use them? Why do we suddenly change into grown-ups, whatever that means?

Watching young women (girls really) playing with their youngsters, giggling, laughing, unselfish love in action, why do we change?  

What I have found out is that the dream I set out with, almost knowing what it would be like, was nothing like that at all, it was so much more, the people I met along the way not only changed my perception, they changed me. And I suppose that is why I love to travel.

Coming to Germany and seeing first-hand, talking to the young people here, they are miles ahead of Scotland in their thinking, their attitude to work and play, and they do not suffer from the effects of failed government policies as we have.

The first thing anyone visiting Germany will find is, it is cleanliness personified, you do not see empty bottles, beer cans, litter and plastic are strewn along the roadside, chewing gum stuck to the pavements, even in the biggest cities the cleanliness and well-maintained properties are in stark contrast to Scotland. I ask a lad if this was something taught in Kindergarten, “No” he told me “before Kindergarten”. In Scotland the attitude is

“What’s the Cooncil doing about it?”

A lot to reflect on and that is what travelling does to you, broadens your thinking and outlook on life, sad that Brexit will stop so many young people from going to European Universities, finding work here and becoming better citizens of the world. The good news – “I swear it’s not too late” lyrics turn, turn, turn, (for an independent Scotland)

I have had my long lie, my Sugar Puffs and my endless cups of tea, time now to hit the road. The weather is overcast but thankfully no rain. The nearest attraction is the English garden 10minute ride from here then who knows what I will find.

Stay safe.

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