Saltzburg Part Two

Walter coming to Salzburg certainly made a difference, the weather has been lifting all day and by 12.30 there were blue skies to be seen and with the sun now beating down relentlessly on us (poetic licence) but the sun did make a difference, and nothing to do with me I’m sure.

My day started off early, I did not want to disturb my roommates by making a noise, well, they had hardly been in bed an hour. So I went down to the common area with my computer and found that the breakfast area was open. Self-service all you can eat, and there was every kind of breakfast cereal you could want, yoghurt, (yuck) a dozen or so types of tea bags, a toaster, microwave, even had a pancake making machine, all the different hams, cheeses, bread rolls, you name it. I spotted Sugar Puffs, must be 60 years since I had Sugar Puffs, have they really been going that long? For starters, they also have oranges, apples, grapefruit and bananas, so I tucked an apple, orange and banana in my bag, (keeping them for effter, I wish it was efter).

Being Sunday no shops open of course, but plenty of people out walking alongside the river, lots of dog walker’s too, and cyclist have their own road. I more or less simply followed the crowd. Crossing the bridge a woman asked me to take a group picture so I did but when she checked the result found my finger half obscuring the picture. Photo on the bridge take two, action! She made a much better job of taking my picture from the bridge.

Most of the public benches still had a good covering of snow on them, and of course, the kids were making snowballs and attacking their parents with them. However, further along, I came across a 30 something doodling in the snow on one of the benches and as I passed I said,

“Play bonnie hen”

Of course, she had no idea what I had just said but gave a nervous (I been caught red-handed) sort of smile, back.

Don’t ask me what all the photographs are, but mostly they speak for themselves.  

The result of overnight snow
It was the lampposts that attracted me to take the picture
now I don’t know about you and graphite, but when done well, it’s real art.

What are you looking down for, silly bugger?
Get out of the way cyclist, can you no see I’m getting my photo took.
This church was actually conducting a service and within the doorway was a large screen where you could watch the proceedings inside. the entrance had three beautiful doors, depicting the three spirits of God

The first
The main door
last, death and ascending

I just thought the craftsmanship was superb.

This bell tower is part of the Salzburg Muzeum and as I passed a campanologist was playing a tune that I did not recognize. I say (one) campanologist for they play the peal with the use of a keyboard.
The building that the tower is attached to.
I can’t remember his name, but I believe he charms the birds from the air with his music.
How do the local pigeons keep their feet warm in winter, they sit on the tram overhead cables?
Now would it not be great to see this sort of participation of people cycling in Scottish cities too. You see the sam at every railway and bus station across Europe. there is no park and ride car parks here, you cycle into town to catch a bus, tram or train.


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