The words of the prophets – written on the subway walls.

The weather is dreich once more although the rain had stopped by the time I made it out onto the roads. I did a couple of perambulations of the cycle track; for even after all these years awheel, I am not comfortable on the main roads in poor light conditions. Although I do have a large winking rear light, beaming out its warning, cars get far too close for comfort, it’s a British thing, roads are for cars,

“Get off my space”.   

The days are drawing in fast now, and on grey days, it never seems to get really light. The trees are colouring fast too. Anyone who keeps bees will tell you, autumn is the time to spring feed. Beekeepers will always plant crocus in their garden, for they are the first pollinating flowers to arrive in the spring. I decided to plant crocus in the front as you come in the gate, I also wanted to plant more daffodils.

I chose the smaller variety of daffodils this time. The crocus bulbs had arrived a few days ago, so I put them aside, until yesterday afternoon when a bag of mixed daffodils bulbs was delivered. And since I am a cut-a-stick when you come to it sort of chap, I put on the gardening boots collected my tools and headed out into the garden. I simply tipped all the bulbs along with saved poppy seed pods (they may come to something) into my bucket, removed around 100 mm of soil and scattered the lot over the prepared ground. Spent some time making sure they were all in their right orientation, root plate down, and covered them over with soil, job done, and perfectly times as the rain started in earnest.

My work in the garden has starting to wind down now as winter approaches, all the autumn planting is over, the roses have been cut back to stop winter rock, only the gladioli bulbs and chrysanthemums to bring in for overwintering, but time enough for that, I will wait until the foliage has died back. 

I am more than happy with what we have achieved in the first year. Plants, brought on from seeds, then planted out, have shown remarkable growth over one season, especially the Lupines and Delphiniums; they should put on a great show next summer.

The onion and garlic beds are looking good, all have sprouted and are showing through the soil and I know will be putting down good roots for a great crop in the spring, early summer.

The rear garden has not been so successful all the care taken to bring on Wallflower and Sweet William plants from seed along with planting chrysanthemum in the raised beds, they only succeeded in providing a good meal for the young rabbits, if it’s not greenfly it’s rabbits, ho-hum.

Our best success has been the Jersey Lilies; they just keep on giving and giving clusters of beautiful pink or blue flowers.  

Sky News has spent the morning telling us how high gas prices are affecting our manufacturing industries, (it is all the fault of the Russians of course taking advantage of the high demand for gas).

Once upon a time, when the moon was still young, the UK had publicly owned gas works, electric generating power stations and a national grid for distribution of both the above. The gas works and electric power stations were feed on coal from a national coal industry and shipped around the country on a national railway. All these services worked, hand in glove, to keep the lights on and the industry running day and night. When gas deposits were found in the North Seas things would have to change, since we would no longer need to produce gas from coal. That is when Margaret Thatcher (no fairy godmother) comes into the story. She could see the opportunity to not only make lots of money for herself and her friends but at the same time kill off the strong unions in this country, that she believed were “The enemy within”. She sold off all the nationalised industries to her palls in the corporate world of investment banking. Once broken up into small chunks all working for their bottom line, the coherence was lost. I have no problem laying the blame clearly at the UK government’s door, (Tory – Labour, Labour – Tory) not the Russians, or the Chinese, not coronavirus, not high gas prices………. The UK government made this bed for us, and now we are forced to lie in it – Or must we?  It is the people of Scotland who are sovereign, not the government.

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