“All good” I hear you cry.

It is a dreich, dreich day here in St Andrews, I did go out on my bike first thing but it’s hell out there folks, (what am I on – I’m on my bike.) It was wet, unbelievably windy and freezing bloody cold, (Che gelida manina), it was so good to be home, yes, I really am getting soft these days.

I did go over to the dental university hospital yesterday afternoon, where I became a bit of a celebrity. The young student thought she saw something of interest – calls on her tutor – yes, definitely interesting and worth exploring, the excitement was building in the room, I could tell.

The consensus opinion was that an x-ray should be taken of my jaw. I now went on a route march to the first floor and the other side of the building. Very quick and painless progress, the results quickly beamed to the fourth floor by the wonders of the computer, arriving there long before I make the long trek back up there.

The confab, confab, another examination this time by a much more senior person, may have been a deipnosophist. Confab, confab, I was presented with three possible routes to rooting out the problem (sorry). Seems there is still infection below the tooth and the ex-ray has shown deterioration in the bone. I cut through all the chat and said if this tooth was going to cause me problems anytime in the future let’s just have it out now. Decision made. An appointment will be set up for me to go back and a dentist will remove the offending tooth, ho-hum.

The tooth will be removed by a qualified and practising dentist in some other part of the building. They will then call me back in six months time to the university for a check-up. So in six months I will find out how the young student, who has been looking after me, is progressing, she seems already confident after only a year of studies (still two years to go) but she will make it, she is dedicated, chatty, very friendly, all the qualities you want in a dentist, for let’s face it, a visit to the dentist is not someplace you look forward to going. 

Listening to Parallel lines, Blondie, ‘Bang A Gong’ (Get it on) certainly brightens the dismal weather outside my window as I chap away at the keyboard.

Interesting that the head of the ICC (the US Treasury) told Congress that they do not have either the budget or manpower to investigate alleged War Crimes committed by US forces in Afghanistan, only those War Crimes (not alleged) committed by the Taliban and Islamic State.

The Westminster parliament had already passed into law a bill preventing any British soldier from being charged with War Crimes.

A ‘Get out of Jail Free Pass’ for coalition forces, the US and the UK can now with impunity take out civilians, targeting them with drowns, render them, exposing them to suffer and inhuman atrocities out of sight and out with US and UK laws.

And we are complicit – for remember they do it in our name.

Facebook went down for 7 hours and the world came to a grinding halt, (poetic licence) but it just shows how many lives are interlinked with Facebook, not just chat and blog, but business too. But worse than all of this, the multimillionaire owner of Facebook lost 7 billion from the shutdown, I’m sure like me you really feel for the man.

There has been a lot of chat on the internet about us turning green, and as you know I have a problem with much that is said on the media outlets in the UK. We hear how it is all going well; electric cars (but how green are they really?) Who will benefit from the new technology? Well, not we the consumer or the planet.

China is trying to move away from manufacturing cheap goods that they now sell to the west. And to this end have built a completely new city – a city dedicated to modern, high technology companies, in one factory, set up 10 years ago, (when the west was still wondering if global warming was a problem) they make electric vehicles, busses, lorries, cars. “All good” I hear you cry.

These cars need batteries so they went to the source of the world’s biggest deposits of Lithium, a high altitude salt lake in Bolivia. The government there did not have the where for all to extract the lithium, so the Chinese built them a factory (publicly owned by the Bolivian government) and if corruption does not set in the Bolivian people will be better off to the tune of 45 trillion dollars by 2022. “All good” I hear you cry.

They now have solar panels that are so thin and flexible that they are being stuck to the front, sides and roofs of buildings so that the building becomes a generating station in its own right. “All good” I hear you cry.

Wind turbines are producing vast amounts of electricity from their huge blades. “All good” I hear you cry.

So what’s your grip, Hamilton?

Batteries will eventually wear out, as will solar panels, and the blades of wind turbines have only a life span of a few years. Already we see blades from the first wind turbines being stockpiled because they are too expensive to recycle, many now abandoned in fields, alongside the turbine they came from. Batteries likewise have become very expensive to recycle, and so it is with solar panels. What we are seeing is something akin to nuclear waste being produced.

I would not be so concerned if all this was publicly owned but it is not. The companies that are producing electric vehicles, solar panels, and wind turbine blades have no responsibility for their disposal at the end of their useful life. When it becomes a problem, who will pick up the bill? Just as we see over plastic pollution today, no one is responsible for plastic pollution, in our atmosphere, our seas, our landfill, where does the bill fall?

How much more will Mother Nature, wildlife, and people be able to absorb before they stop having to produce one-use plastic? Or this new pollution, from this ever so Green Economy?

It is estimated that if the people of China wished to emulate the lifestyle of people in the west then we would need a further 7 planets like earth to live on. Leaving our lives in the hands of big business – whose only interest is business and making money – will be the equivalent of making a stick to break our own back.

We have to change the way we all live our lives, not this short term business model. I walked through the shopping centre in Dundee yesterday and there were shops after shops of goods – and I wondered just how much of these consumer goods do we really need in our lives??????

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