Early one morning just as the sun was rising…….

The weather over the last week has not been conducive to pleasant cycling; in fact there have been days when I did not leave the house. However I find that if you go out early enough there is a sort of tranquil peace before the weather kicks in. This morning was one of those days. I was out by 7 O’clock, still dark, and not wishing to risk riding on the roads, more so when the sun does make its appearance, it is very low in the sky (blinded by the light).  

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I dropped down onto the cycle track and on reaching Guardbridge; I returned to the start and repeated the circuit. This is really the only way I can keep some fitness in my legs and me out of trouble. By the time of my second circuit a few students were beading along on their way to classes, all were girls, there was also a girl runner, I say runner rather than jogger for I was doing 20K along the path, and it had taken me a fair while to catch up with her, as for the student cyclists, they were long gone.  

The cycle track, littered with pine needles after the high winds and heavy rain of the last few days, and my wheels leave clear tracks on the damp road. Although I believed I was steering in a straight line, on my return I notice I had not been. The bike had been weaving around, as much as one meter, from one side to the other.

The field of potatoes has now been harvested,

    No longer school children stoop in the field,

A potato monster gathers the yield,

Birds still chase after the plough,

That turns over land bare and barn now,

We are losing that infinity,

We once had with the land,

To ignore, is not to understand.

On the little side road was a large skip so I stopped to have a look. It was full of old bikes and bicycle equipment from a distant past, I lifted this one off the top to photograph, once upon a time I would have trailed it home with me, but those days are gone now. Now they are only a curio.

I have an appointment at the NHS dental hospital in Dundee this afternoon so better get my skates on. Shoes to polish, trousers to press, shirt to iron, shower, and remember to change your underpants – well you might have an accident, mum would be black affronted if the doctor found you with dirty underwear.  

I think this will be my last visit since no work was needed on my teeth apart from cleaning and today polishing. All I need now is a new hearing aid and I will be all set for Europe in the spring.

I was looking through some of my old photographs and postcards and came across this little lot from my trip to America.

Actually I was looking at my bank balance, and I have been saving well over this spell of coronavirus, and was wondering if I could possibly fit in a trip to Holland, we have some good weather in September October, even November and December, or maybe one of those bus trips to the German Christmas Market. Tour operators run all sorts of trips during off season that are all inclusive and very reasonable, although I have the problem of all solo travelers, the single room subsidy, ho-hum.

Stay safe.   

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