“Vote None of the Above”

It has been a funny sort of a day, I feel I did achieve a lot first thing in the morning then it all went downhill from there. Rain stopped play.

Boredom set in, around noon, I did watch a movie called SALT, would have been more exciting if I had not seen it half a dozen times already, ho-hum. Opened up my computer and started to type, always guaranteed to take me out of myself. 

The only thing that seems worse than the weather at present is our hopes of independence. Some say that all the cock-up by Johnston will bring independence like a tidal wave to our door, not a chance, just take the petrol crisis. Johnston has called in the army, not to sort out the petrol crisis, “What crises?” He has already said the situation is stabilising; no this is the reinstate conscription as a way of uniting the UK patriotic ferver. He has an excuse now, the army driving delivery HGVs.

We could, if we wished, withdraw from the Union tomorrow. A treaty is a treaty, is a treaty, well understood in international law. It is the mechanism that two signatories that have entered into an agreement can withdraw at any time, take Brexit. 

When the Treaty of the Union was signed, Scotland was under coercion, threatened with invasion and trade blockades put into force by England, that is as good an argument as any to put before the international body of judges, (although it had not helped the Palestinians the they are in the same place with Israel, in the UN.) How few Scots were allowed to vote for the sale of the nation’s wealth then, and now? We are effectively blocked from trading with other countries now, even our closest neighbours, Ireland and the EU, is this not repressive and echoes of 1707? Yet we have an SNP administration that is frightened to confront the British state. They have forgotten that sovereignty lies not with Westminster but the Scottish people yet they have failed to assert that sovereignty on our behalf.

The longer this goes on the more frustration will increase, people will get angry, they already see their lives are controlled, how we remain an underdeveloped country, Brexit has hastened the process, we now see how we are unable to solve what’s happening to us. What has the SNP done to counter this attack on our sovereignty, yes that’s right, NOTHING?

Oh, our Westminster MPs, will stand up in the Commons and,

“We won’t let it happen”, and then it happens.

The SNP doesn’t seem to understand that a referendum is not the worst route to freedom. We need an accord with our neighbours, England, Wales, Northern Ireland and yes, the Republic of Ireland too. Residential status alone is a dangerous strategy, guaranteed to lose independence. No country used that process to decide its entire future. In a country where we cannot even control our borders, Scotland, agreeing to a vote on independence for residents, is a colonial trap.  

 I have written at length in the past about how Nicola Sturgeon is unfit to run the country and take her forward, selfies and being a nice person, able to stand up and give a good performance is not leadership. As for her nefarious, unscrupulous husband, CEO of the SNP…………

Nicola did have her high points, when she went to the Irish Republic’s parliament, the Dail Eireann, she was warmly welcomed and gave a good speech, but alas it has been all downhill thereafter. The trouble is her competency, she has not gathered any experience, she has not learned any state craft, she has no agenda, she has no vision for Scotland. Her marriage to the Scottish Green party is only to bolster her personal power base; just believing in Scotland’s constitutional rights will not get us independence, what are her civil servants doing and thinking when she does not even bother to call on them for advice.  Alex Salmond, handed her a gift, a potential of a 58% vote for Yes, and since six mandates so far, what has she done with any of it? Sturgeon needs to step aside or resign, (and take the CEO with her) but this is not up to me, but when people feel you do not have the skills to accomplish the tasks appointed to you, you are given a different brief so someone more qualified can fill your job, this would be a dignified exit, (there are plenty of excuses used by politicians, want to spend more time with their family, start a family………. All that said, I am still positive that the SNP can be saved, but when a revolution is delayed or as people become more impatient with the First Minister, or feel betrayed, by the SNP party, new independent parties will come to the fore, Alba Party and the ISP.

Johnston heads the most right-wing, neo-liberalism UK government since Thatcher. In the nineteen fifties and nineteen sixties, wealth was spread reasonably well across our infrastructure, roads, social justice, and hospitals, libraries, and schools and so on. By the Nineties the neo-liberals had managed to convince governments, via placement and bribery, that less democracy frees people, as Baldric would say, ‘a cunning plan’ the opposite is true, it leaves us open to robbery and theft and loss of rights.

“The main principle of neo-liberalism is undermining the mechanisms of social solidarity and mutual support” Noam Chomsky.

For example, a Tory neo-liberal will be quite happy seeing demonstrations banned around our parliament building. They see the people as the problem. Now we have an SNP aping Tory ideology, a colonial mindset. Blocking our independence, ignoring our sovereignty, robbing us of our wealth reduces our freedoms.  Remember not so long ago we used to be able to go anywhere for our holidays, no longer the case. Brexit would never have happened in Scotland had we been an independent country once more.

How do we gain back control? The public must engage in marches, protest rallies, petitions to parliament, badger your MP and MSP, but most of all use the ballot box to oust those that hold us back (if you hand offends you, cut it off), when their jobs once more are on the line, their pants will start to fill with poop, and change will come. Even the great Tory leader Thatcher, when she stopped being a vote winner was ditched by her party, how much easier it will be rid ourselves of an incompetent First Minster. The SNP have decided good governance is all that is needed to sway No voters to Yes – their chosen road. Now they are content to draw salaries until the cows come home, if we leave self-governance in their hands. The council elections may be Scotland’s last chance saloon.   

In the movie Brewster’s Millions – Brewster ran for office to dispose of millions and his slogan was

“Vote None Of The Above”

Maybe that should be Scotland’s slogan in the up and comming council elelctions, none of the above SNP candidates.

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