Ready Steady – Go!

In the movie Knight and Day, we get the line,

“Well, I did warn you not to get on the plane”

“When, when did you warn me?”

“When I said, sometimes things happen for a reason”

“That’s not a warning” retorted June, “Next time try – June if you get on this plane you will die.”

This morning was one of those days that ‘things may have happened for a reason’; I was dressed to go out on my bike, but would take the paper and cardboard out to the recycle bin first. As I opened the door, a large parcel was propped up against the door jam, the bag of daffodil bulbs I had ordered had arrived.

The morning was cold, high winds from the south and west so planting bulbs seemed like a better option than riding a bike. I swapped cycling shoes for gardening boots. Five kilos (approximately 100 bulbs) did not go as far as I would have liked, still plenty of time to order 100 more.

Once planted it was out with the Dutch hoe, to chop the heads off any weeds that were brave enough to present themselves in their no-win stance against the mighty hoe as it scythed its way through the soil. It doesn’t take long to run around with the hoe just after rain has passed, as the soil is soft and easy to work. Just as I was clearing away, down it came, a plump of very wet, and ice cold rain,

“Didn’t it rain children?”

Had I been out on my bike now, it would not be very pleasant – sometimes things happen for a reason.

At the start of the year I dug up a bed of Jersey Lilies and broke them into small clumps to spread around the beds at the front of the building, to add a bit of colour. What I did not expect was two different colours from the same plant.

The original plant produced these large blue heads, and the first to appear at the front were sisters of the originals.

However, when the ones planted in the bed that ran along the length of the old random rubble wall, came into flower, they were pink. How strange, I wonder if the different soils give different colours of flowers. The wall is obviously high in lime, where the other may have been planted in a more neutral soil – ????????

Stay safe.      

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