“How do you know when a politician is lying?” – “You can see their lips move.”

But sneaky politicians have found a way around that. Boris is with the President of the United States, but no trade deal with America he is told. No help for the elderly or health care in the community – if you want that, well, we will have to put up your taxes, National Insurance, (your choice). Now we hear if you want Universal Credits to continue at their present rate, we will have to raise the money by putting a penny on your Income Taxes, (your choice).

However, we do have a deal with the US on arms sales Big Beautiful Nuclear Submarines, Fair Fast and very Expensive Fighter Aircraft, and not the wherefore all to pay for any of this, but boy does it give you an enormous erection, (not your choice).

The US tried and tried to stop the gas pipeline from Russia into Europe, even putting sanctions on Russia, and telling the world that the Russians are really bad people, so we must not have anything to do with them. Now after years and years of the gas companies raking it in, we discover that the gas from the North Sea is not as plentiful as it once was at the time of the ‘Dash to Gas’. And so long as the money kept rolled into the coffers of the privately-owned gas and electricity companies, (the family silver, having been sold off by a Tory government under the leadership of Margaret Thatcher) none were going to put plans in place during this windfall, (remember the 7 fat cows) for the times of hardship, like today, (remember the 7 thin cows). A market lead economy was always doomed to failure. Our public services had been underfunded for years by successive governments, to the point of collapse, so an easy sell to a gullible public.

Now that the easy fruit has been stripped from the tree the private company shareholders have taken their money and passports and ran. The only answer this useless bunch of conmen (Sorry, Right Honourable Gentlemen) at Westminster has for us now is to put up taxes to help out those American companies that have gone bust, otherwise, the supermarket’s shelves will empty and there will be no turkey for Christmas.  Think – Oven ready Trade Deals, – Think – Sea of Opportunity – for the fishing industry Think – how Brexit was going to create British Empire 2, Aye Right.  

But back to the day job,

Yesterday I was a short trip out to Pitscottie, and back, a tad over 14 miles we would not go far on that on our sojourning across France. Today the story was all about the wind. So I abandoned the small-wheeled bike for my conventional bicycle,

Baldrick Quotes from Blackadder Goes Forth- Blackadder Quotes

for like Baldrick, ‘I had a cunning plan’. I made my way down to the cycle track that runs out as far as Guardbridge. The flags at the golf hotel were flying perpendicular to the flagstaff, yes folks it was very windy. Now a good part of the cycle track is well surfaced and sheltered on both sides by hedge and/or woods. So I cycled the length of the best part of the track, turned cycled back, turned and repeated this journey four times. Being flat (more or less) I pretended I was in a time trial, high gear and pushing hard (well, at least for the first two lengths.)

The winds will be increasing over the next few days into, high, double figures so I will be taking the bike onto any bus heading west and cycling home (wind assisted).

Total distance 37.4 miles

Time taken 3:57:72

Calories burned 1224

This is the longest time I have spent on a bike for a while, but I was having such fun, passing joggers and leisure cyclists, first one way than on the return, some even for a third time.

It was good to be back on a conventional bike once more, the difference in style is remarkable. On the little bike, you have to constantly turn the peddles, (although the peddles are very light.) The wheels on the folding bike are only 20 inches, they do not roll like the 700C wheels, freewheel like 700C wheels and do not cover the ground like them either, the conventional bike has longer cranks so, more of a long-stroke engine rather than an oversquare engine, in fact, two totally different animals.  I was pooped when I returned home but feeling on top of the world. The sad truth, however, when I was time trialling in earnest, I could cover 30 miles in a tad (a few seconds) under one hour, now it takes me four times as long, ho-hum.

Fontevraud-L’abbaye to Parthenay, distance 48 miles,

We are now leaving the Loire valleys for the Thouet valley. What I do remember was the region of northern Poitou, was home to the mushroom growers, the area supplies around 75 per cent of Frances cultivated mushrooms. The roads are again well surfaced and traffic free, flattish pasture land and large fields of wheat. This area is less familiar to me now, I did travel these roads on my way down to the Dordogne but I was in my old van/home-from-home then. One thing that is very noticeable you will find, the architecture changes dramatically, much more Mediterranean or not unlike northern Spain. Thinking back all those years, what I remember most about Parthenay was its lack of modern shops and cafes. The streets were lined with people’s homes very traditional and many half-timbered houses. But since I am less familiar with the area, and was only passed through, on my way south, I will skip the next 100 miles or so and restart my journey in the Dordogne.   

Stay safe. 

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