Big Erection for Boris.

Weights and measures are a reserved matter

I always bring up the newspaper headlines of a morning to see what is going on in the world. One headline intrigued me. Alongside a photograph of a fruit and vedgetables stall, was the headline telling us that the UK was going back to using the old imperial measures.

Reading deeper we find that this is not a change in the law but a concession, if merchants wished, they can in future sell goods in imperial measurement, cwt, stones, lbs, and ounces. There was the usual padding of the story from the straight banana brigade. This change, on the face of it, would seem ‘No big deal’ and would not affect British companies whose packaging lines were all set up in metric. But what is behind the headlines I wondered.

I have always been skeptical about Johnston’s unwillingness to have anything to do with the EU, and his unwillingness to consider shared food standards. This was one of the big stumbling blocks during the negotiations over Ireland. There was a lot of talk about lowering food standards so that trade deals would be fore-coming with American companies. Chlorine-washed chicken, GM food feed to animals, steroid injected beef…..

Thinks – most fruit and vegetables come in pre-pack sealed bags and printed on such packaging is the weight of the contents, which at present in the UK is in metric. How much more convenient would it be for American supermarket chains to set up in the UK if they did not have to repackage in metric weights for the UK market alone. These American companies already had their packaging lines in place and it would be very costly to run a separate line just for one customer (the UK).

Now I am ever fearful of anything the Tories do by sleight of hand. Remember Thatcher planed years ahead, stockpiling coal at power stations and changed the law on secondary picketing, no miner could then picket outside any power stations, so that no power station could be closed by pickets. Stockpiling would ensure that no power station would ever run out of coal so the lights would stay on. All this was planned long before she took on the miners. Thatcher then went to war with the people of this country, civil war by any other name.

If I am right, and I’m sure I am, a deal with America has already been struck. This is the thin edge of a wedge, what about elderly care, we hear so much about it. Not that the councils will be given more money to pay of elderly care, it will be privately run elderly care, American companies perhaps, running the new proposed care for the elderly, and not out of the government’s coffers, but raising taxes to pay for such care. The propaganda has already been started, ‘if you want elderly care, it will have to be paid for” not out of taxes already collected for the purpose, but by muggings once more, the gullible taxpayer.

And why stop at elderly care, the NHS is in trouble too, American-style healthcare anyone? Trump told us that if an American trade deal was to be done, “nothing was off the table” I think a trade deal has already being thrashed out, but stealth was needed to put it into place.

So Boris is to spend, spend, spend on new nuclear submarines and their ancillary armaments, never a problem finding money to buy such toys, (always guaranteed to increase erections around the cabinet table at number 10 downing street.) and we will not be asking people to chose ‘Defence but at a cost, so taxes will have to rise.

The writing is on the wall – it could not be plainer – we need out of this so-called ‘Union of Equals’ – we need independence, and we need it now.

Bairns not Bombs.

Stay safe.

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