My Weekend.


The sticky, close weather was not conducive to sound sleep, this along with me throwing myself down the road, in such an undignified manner yesterday, has left me like a boxer who has just won second prize in their last contest.  I don’t think I will be going too far on a bike today.

I am still waiting for the weather to make up its mind, overcast but with signs of better things to come, as the cloud starts to break. 

I had a disaster with my computer, I was receiving so many pop-ups adverts on my machine, many in Urdu, so I decided to try and sort it out. 

The instructions were simple enough. Select Chrome menu – Type pop in the search bar – click pop-up redirect – toggle the pop-ups and redirect, Delete. Now I do not have a problem with pop-ups, I also do not have any e-mails, or much of anything else for that matter. I tried to get back into Chrome or g-mail but neither would let me in, I was up until the early hours and still no luck, seems my password is wrong and when I tried ‘Try another method’ I did see a little bell ringing on the screen but alas not on my phone, so the number they have must be my old telephone number, ho-hum

Some light gardening to easy my aches and pains, first a bit of light hoeing, this will always lead to seeing something else that need your attention, cutting back the roses came next, followed by, may as well prepare the area for planting out with daffodils, and then prepare the bed  for……did you say ‘light’ gardening. In this humidity, within two hours the clothes were sticking to my back.

Today (Sunday)

Off up to Aldi first thing really needed bread and milk. After breakfast I started clearing away the old sweet pees and poppies, which had been planted in the spring, forking over the ground as I went. I found worms since the garden maintenance men could not spray their nasty chemicals all over the growing flowers, offering them a chance at a comeback. And our resident robin was quick to spot a potential meal following me around the garden, like a faithful dog.

I have worked away making up, small, notice boards to drive into the ground around the garden telling people (but the garden maintenance staff in particular) that this area has been planted with …. “Keep Off” (Or I’ll get my big sister to get you.)

With my neighbours taking a keen interest in what we have been doing in the garden, and their comments have not gone unheard by management, I feel more confident about planting vegetables in the out of the way part of the garden, this required some plants to be relocated so that is something I have been doing slowly, so no great change is noticed.

I have been listening and suggesting what vegetables people might like to see, next year, so far, cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, French beans, and peas – I already have onions, garlic, rhubarb, and strawberries planted. Yes, I do love to see flowers in the garden, but you can eat vegetables and they can look just a good especially French beans with masses of big, colourful flowers. I already know that many in the building do use garlic, and onions never go wrong. I must learn how to tie them up into those long strings.

So no cycling over the weekend and a dental appointment in Dundee tomorrow, that journey to Nice, is taking a hit. I have enjoyed my weekend off, working the pain from my body with exercise in the garden, and you can see where you have been, which will always be a bonus.

Stay safe  

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