Everyone has a book inside them.

 The weather in St Andrews today has been somewhere between autumnal and early winter, I am pleased I was well wrapped up in my cycle run this morning. This was a big change to Saturday when out in ‘shirt sleeve order.

They say that everyone has a book inside them, search as I may, I have not found that book yet. Oh, I have tried believe me. A book on my childhood growing up in a mining village. My cycling adventures, my sailing adventures, days spent hills walking in the Scottish mountains, from the most northerly Monroe to the most southerly, Ben Hope to Ben Lomond. No good.

Then a novel maybe, well my teacher always said that I was the most creative amongst her pupil’s, sadly for me, she was my maths teacher.

Sex, now I have your attention, we were told at college that any book with sex in the title will sell well. But what I know about sex or the emotions of women well, it would be a very short book.

Maybe I should just let it happen, like Gavin Maxwell’s book,

Depicted in the film ‘Ring of Bright Water’. We are told he bought an otter in a pet shop in London (actually, I believe he brought it back with him for the Middle East, Iraq, if memory serves.) It was then he decided to decamp back to his native Scotland and write a book on, I can’t remember what. He would end up writing about his Outer. However, having been brought upon a large farm so would have known a lot about animals and nature, and educated at the best public schools, so knew what ‘Grammar are’ he had a head start on me.

In the film, Breakfast at Tiffin’s,

The struggling writer, played by George Peppard, finds inspiration for his book from his eccentric neighbours, played by Audrey Hepburn, sadly I do not have an eccentric Audrey Hepburn here at City park, to inspire me, boohoo.

I have written many layouts for books over the years and have become very involved in their research, the one that springs to mind,

The main character is a beautiful young woman lawyer, (modelled on Audrey Hepburn, my screen goddess at the time.) she is highly intelligent, straight out of Stanford, now working in a pro-bono office in NY. Invited to shares a flat, in a very expensive part of town, by a newfound girlfriend – that she just happened on. Then came the swanky parties, even given free-range of her new girlfriends wardrobe, which strangely enough, all the cloths fit as if made for her, (more like a film script.) At the party she is approached by, someone akin to Valentino, she can not believe her luck. He is gorgeously attentive, flattering, and in the bedroom …..

The next day her dream lover vanished from her life as if he never existed, she later finds herself pregnant. She can not believe it they took all the precaution, (and in fact, her Valentino could not have made her pregnant, he had the snip) – it was all planned.

He friend supports her stops her from having an abortion, money is no object, from the friends sugar daddy, but of course, that was all staged too.

After the birth, when the child was to be spirited away from the hospital and into the arms of her new rich parents, who could not have a child of their own,

Well, I will not spoil it for you by revealing the ending, you never know I may write it someday.

And to end my daily blether’s



I am delighted to see Alex finally hit back at those who have been consistently smearing him since the criminal trial. He must have had the patience of a saint to have lasted this long. At last, the gloves are off. Let’s see where it takes us?

Then again – playing devils advocate – the timing could not be better, Alex Salmond’s new Alba Party, is about to hold it’s Introductory party conference next month. ‘There is no bad publicity.’

As for that book, – I am still staring at a blank screen.

Keep safe.

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