MPs are prostitutes who in the end do exactly as they are told by their pimp.

As I watch the withdrawal of international troops, America and her allies, from Afghanistan, in the death throes of a twenty-year occupation of someone else’s country, I have to remember,

They did it in our name.

The sheer cost in human lives – 453 British service personnel were killed between 2001 and 2014 this alongside 2,600 wounded, 247 amputees. British troops alone were responsible for the death of at least 500 Afghan civilians and injury of thousands more.

Yet many MPs still come on television and highlighted the loss of human rights of the Afghan people at the hands of the Taliban, as if to justify the occupation – but what of the human rights of those killed in 20 years of US drone attacks, (and continue to this day) where an estimated 90 per cent if the victims were innocents?

All of this, yet not one single al-Qaida operative killed by NATO forces in Helmand, or “International terrorist” could conceivably have threatened our country.

Overall the war is believed to have killed more than a quarter of a million people, a third of whom were civilians.

What next for Afghanistan?

Going by past experience, when the dust settles the US will open up negotiators with the Taliban, (in power) in Afghanistan, kiss and makeup. Then will come, the IMF (international monetary fund) loans, to finance, replenish and update, the worn-out US military equipment, for them, (although now we call them Peace Envoys, people such as peace envoy to the Middle East, Tony Blair – that which we call a rose, by any other…)

If you thought that the UK was a democracy, and that the MPs at Westminster are a truly the democratically elected government, educate yourself to what went on in the run-up to the Iraq War. I was there on the streets of London, along with one million of my fellow countrymen, to send a message to our government,

“No more War, Not in My Name”

Yet Tony Blair (the then Prime Minister) stood up in a packed Commons chamber and openly lied through his teeth and everyone present that day knew he was lying to them. The House of Commons is a Court of Law, yet Tony Blair is free today, he has not been held on the charge of Perjury, (knowingly lying in court), a charge that should have carried a prison service, instead he was given the job of Envoy to the Middle East, a fine office suite in Jerusalem, along with a handsome salary, and of course the backhanders (commission) on sales of arms in the region.

(In the time that Thatcher was the leader of her party in power at Westminster, she took her son along with her to the signing of an arms sales deal to Saudi Arabia set him up for life with a £6 billion in commission from the sale. Thatcher was the biggest prostitute of all of them.)

Even worse, in my book, was our so-called “Representatives” all the other MPs in the Commons that day. Did even one stand up for the people of the UK and call Blair out – not a chance, they heard only the beat of war drums and not the lies that were clear for all to hear.

There is none so deaf as those that do not wish to hear, – Blind as those that do not wish to see.  

Stay safe.

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