The invaders have the guns, but we have the time.

I had survived the coronavirus pandemic over the past 18 months, then I was felled by toothache, and just when I felt it was safe to go back in the water, I woke on Monday, unable to breathe through my nose. I had a head full of porridge and lugs full of cotton wool, help ma boab. My hearing was so bad I could not hear anything that anyone said to me, as for the television, everyone in the block, bar me, could hear it, hopeless.

I put the washing in the machine and headed over to Superdrug, and bought Sudafed and Lemsip. In my youth mum would make up a hot lemon drink with sugar, even the fumes of the cup would help comfort.

Once the clothes were out of the machine I doped myself up and went back to bed. It was afternoon by the time I rose. I tried reading, watching television but could not concentrate on anything so more dope and back into bed. This became the routine through Monday into Tuesday, Tuesday into Wednesday. It was almost dawn when I opened my eyes on Wednesday morning, and found I was breathing cold air in through my nose. I was back fighting once more, (with all the force and affect of a pink powder puff), After a shower and clean clothes I felt much better and made some scrambled egg and toast, and really enjoyed it, I suspect I was hungry after three days of fasting.

I was still very weak and lay on top of my bed for a while in the late morning, sitting at my computer this afternoon, with a toilet roll beside me, for I seemed to be blowing my brains out when suddenly my nose gushed with blood. Great, I thought, a good sign that this cold is on the wane.

Maybe I had been weakened more than I appreciated with my toothache, leaving myself wide open to the first bug that came along, I’m only thankful that was not coronavirus. Then again I have not stopped doing my impersonation of Doctor Kildare, am I giving my age away again? Not really people only have my mental age to go by.

The kind of month I’ve had, “It may as well rain until September”

I have not been watching much television, but I did watch a documentary from Inside Afghanistan, people are so poor there is a growing black market in organ donations. Men and women lined up to show large scares where kidneys had been removed to keep food on the table. One small boy of 10 showed his scar where they had removed his kidney. How can we the invaders justify this?

The US went to war in Afghanistan to – as they told us – protect us from terrorists, are we now protected from terrorists? America went into Afghanistan, on the pretence of bringing peace and prosperity to the people. 20 years on and after Trillions of dollars of American taxpayers money, Thousands killed, the people of Afghanistan so poor they are having to sell their children’s organs in order to survive. Then when it all became a to political back home in the good old US of A, like Vietnam, the US abandons these people.

Where are all the schools, hospitals, democracy they were promised, President Biden?

First the French tried to colonise Afghanistan and failed. Then the British, in 1842 they lost a whole army there. The Russians in 1979. then after 9/11 the Americans. Centuries of fighting, killing and dying, and now all these years on, the people of Afghanistan are having to sell their kidneys to survive. Shame on us.

You will never control Afghanistan for the Taliban have a saying –

“The invaders have the guns, but we have the time”.

Sadly at the time of the Afghan invasion, the media was controlled, there would be daily briefings, however if the army did not like the way you were reporting the news, you would not be invited back to any briefing. So the American people, as it was here in the UK, were really kept in the dark about what was going on.

They gathered the crippled, the wounded, the maimed,

And they shipped us back home to America,

The armless, the legless, the blind and insane,

We brave wounded heroes of Afghanistan,

The Star-Spangled Banner played out loud and clear,

As they carried us down the gangway,

But nobody cheered, they just stood and they stared,

Then turned their faces away.

Afghanistan: After Trump’s ‘rotten’ deal, what incentive is there for the Taliban to negotiate?

As for the British. I was born during a war and there has never been a time in my life when there was not conflict somewhere around the world and the British right there in the thick of it all. Maybe, just maybe, the two great challenges in our world today, the pandemic and global warming will knock heads together and we as a world will start to come together as one collective people and start to work together for the good of all. That would be my hope, but don’t hold your breath.

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