“Look mum, the shows are here”.

 0800 hours and the weather had not made up its mind, overcast but may clear, I headed south-east down the coast beating into a headwind. Climbing up onto Brownhills for Kingsbarns, the A917 was mostly free of traffic, I was surprised how many bicycles there were out and about. As I neared Crail the sun found a hole in the cloud and with alchemists magic turned the Forth estuary from grey to quicksilver. Like burnished shields in the Old Testimony story, the effect was blinding. But just as quickly the cloud obscured the sun’s glory and instantly the river turned once more, back to battleship grey.

Like the snow falls in the river,

A moment white,

Then melts forever.

The wind was still rising but now coming over my port bow for the run down the coast, from Crail to Anstruther. I dropped down off the main road and onto the harbour,

“Look mum, the shows are here”.

There was only a handful of stalls and rides, a sign of the times, I suppose. Diesel is not cheap, and tooting fairground rides around the country and the cost of running these old fashioned diesel engines, along with their upkeep…..

I had every bench along the pier to choose from and sat quietly staring out to sea as I finishing off what remained of my water and demolishing a banana.

What has become very noticeable over the past five years is how sailing boats have been replaced by small motorised boats in the marina, once the harbour was a Forrest of masts alas no more.

Humphrey Bogart was a keen sailor but his wife, Laura Bacall, suffered from nausea. although she always said that she did enjoy out, sailing with him. Strange how such pieces of useless information escape from our memory banks, triggered simply by sitting down by the harbour.

As I parked the bike outside the toilet a middle-aged couple passed and the man became very excited about my bike. As it turned out they were German and maybe there was some part of the bike that was manufactured in Germany. They were passed before I could get my linguistic scientist hat on and deciphered the message, proper.

The B9131 was my homeward choice, and with the wind now on my back, I was cruising along at a fair lick. I did take my Garmin with me and it did show me a pretty sort of Google map, with my progress, superimposed upon it, and when I arrived back at City Park I did press ‘Save Ride’ but when I tried to find said ‘saved ride’ it was nowhere to be found. I really must spend some time on U-Tube and see how to work the blood thing.

And yes, I forgot to take my camera,

“You would forget your head if it were not screwed on” as mum would often remind me.

Stay safe.     

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