Free at last, Free at Last, O’ lord, Free at Last.

I had been reading again Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Travels with a Donkey in the Cevennes, and now had my map spread out on the table marking off the towns and villages he has passed through on his journey, from Le Puy-en-Velay (where lentils come from) to sur-Gazeille. The original track is very much that, a track. But since that time roads have improved and I was looking at a route that could be cycled and running close to the original route taken by Stevenson.

When it has finally arrived.

There was a couple of times over the last months when I thought this day would never come.

On opening the box, I was all that I hoped it would be, ultra-light (for an e-bike), and all the equipment on this bike is well thought out and very good quality, even the hand grips will give comfort for miles upon mile.

Something that can not be overlooked when you can not move your hands around the bars, as you can on drop or butterfly bars.

Everything shouts quality

Of course I started immediately I pulled it from the box to assemble it, although there was little to be done. The pedals came separate, so spent a long time hinting for my 15mm pedal spanner to tighten the pedals. When altogether I hunted through all the boxes and packing to make sure I was not throwing anything out with the rubbish, guess what? A 15mm key, these guys have thought of everything. Even the little rack was able to take my 20L pannier bag, which carries all my spares and extra clothing. (make mental note to buy a tube for the new wheel size).

With the battery pack on charge I could not help myself, I took the bike our for a wee run, out as far as Strathkinness and back. The bike rode a treat, you soon get used to the feeling of sitting on the button of a ship mast, but the riding position is very leisurely, the balloon tyres soften the overburden of the roads, and you really do feel like you could ride a good few miles on this little gem.

What’s the snag, I hear you cry? Well quality does not come cheap, and now that they have moved production to Portugal, because Brexit had disrupted their supply chain, import tax, could be a problem for sales in the UK.

(I shall say no more about Brexit, or Boris Johnston, for I’m sure I am already being tracked by ‘Pegasus’ and all my e-mails are being passed on to MI5), an over-inflated belief in your own self importance there Hamilton.

So My first impression of this little bike has surpassed my expectations, but the proof of the pudding will be in the eating. Now, what map shall I choose?

Keep safe.  

2 thoughts on “Free at last, Free at Last, O’ lord, Free at Last.

  1. Other half, Andrew, has also just bought a Brompton fold up bike from a friend. Not electric but very handy for getting to see grandchildren in Glasgow via the train.


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