Big Tea Cups and Transgender.

 Home by midday and it would seem I have had the best of the weather, the cloud started bubbling up as I entered Cupar and chased me all the way home, still it might come to nothing, then again, if it does may help clear the air.

It’s that Hamilton again, oot wi that garden hose of his, I saw him ma’sel’ last night, a kent it would bring on the rain, there should be a law against it, hanging too good for him.

Coming up past the recycling bins I spotted a large cup and saucer, clearly a planter. I had been left beside the bin rather than dumped inside the landfill bin, someone thought it too good to be in the landfill – someone might make use of it. I dumped the bike at City Park and walked back to fetch it. Once home, it was out with the kitchen cleaner and a scouring pad and give it the once over.

Seems that the decoration is only a stick-on transfer, so I think I will unstick what remains of the transfer and paint nice stylized flowers all over it, Van Goch, eat your heart out.

Oh no, not more bloody roses, yes but this one is a bit special.

My iScot magazine arrived, as ever Robbie Dinwiddie, excels himself, did you know he is also a talented artist? No neither did I.

Today, on my return and over breakfast, continued my reading. Now I really never took much notice or interest in the trans debate, which has now turned into a right stooshie that could tear the independent movement apart, why it has come to this I have no idea. In iScot we have James Kelly’s take on the situation it is clear and unambiguous,

“If you think “Trans women are women”, you’re likely to have given both votes to the SNP and to be happy with a leisurely timetable, or no timetable at all, for an indyref2. But if you hold gender-critical views and oppose self-identification for trans people you’re much more likely to have thrown in your lot with Alba.”

Then Jason Michael McCann,

“What has Gilead to do with Bethel?”

His take on the quandary is much more a philosophical exercise but comes to the concussion, be you Gilead or Bethel. A house divided cannot stand.

Me, I know nothing, but seems to me that an offal lot of people have gotten the knickers in a twist about something that has little or nothing to do with a Scottish independence debate.

And at last, my ultra-lightweight, carbon fibre, folding bike, will soon be with me, according to UPS. What a saga, this has been. I wanted a very light folding bike to give me much more flexibility. Many of the historical places I wish to visit are too far for a bike journey alone and in a day, or outwith the main towns and cities. I can not take my grown-up bike on anything other than the big intercity buses, so even going to Dundee or Broughty Ferry would be impossible, (local buses). When I wished to go over to Stirling Castle I went onto Stagecoach planner, it is more than a four-hour journey from here and I do not know if I can get there without going on local buses. I tried from Dundee, no direct bus, change at Perth, change at Crieff then on to Stirling.

What about a direct bus from Edinburgh, nope it will take you to Perth where you will change for Crieff then onto Stirling. Then surly from Dunfermline, just across the country to Stirling – only 22 miles, nope, you have to go to Perth and yes, you are already ahead of me. This is where the lightweight folding bike comes into its own.

I expect delivery tomorrow so I can start planning for a trip out on Friday and this weekend, make hay whilst the sun shines. I am looking at the bus to Kincardine, then cycle back into Dunfermline. Visiting again Culross, and Dunfermline Abbeys, lots to see. Then the Glasgow bus home from Dunfermline sounds like a plan.

With a bit of luck, I may be able to find a small girl or boy (around 7 or 8 years of age) to give me a lesson on how to set up my Edge Explore, that way I can download all those little graphics and data for you to peruse, I know how some like all that stuff. I really bought it for my fore coming trip to Europe, keeping me on the right road, and navigating my way through large European cities should have the hang of it by then.

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “Big Tea Cups and Transgender.

  1. Andrew has just gone off to Glasgow on the Megabus with the folding bike he’s just bought from a friend second hand. Not exactly ultralight (Brompton) but you’re right, makes more more flexible cycling by combining with public transport.


  2. It’s the future for us still young at heart, press the bus pass into service and the bike when you get there. Brompton is a well-respected make, but a bit Clyde built, When I did the Loire River (source to mouth) I borrowed a Brompton and found it very responsive and Ideal for that sort of trip, but at the time I did not have the £ to by one. I did have one problem and that was the small wheels I blow the sidewall out of the tyre in France (too high a pressure and very hot roads) and could not get a replacement anywhere, mind you that was a few years ago so things will have changed. I always carried a spare inner tube, so came home with the tyre wrapped in insulating tape to hold the cut closed and the tube inside, it worked and I made it back to the ferry. O’ happy days.


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