We live in a dangerous world.

We are now living in a dangerous world. The morning is very quiet and a bit dull but the cloud base was high so it will be a fine day I’m sure. The house looks like a bomb had hit it, discarded clothing lying everywhere, so will need an hour of my time. The garden too is needing my attention, dead-heading of roses and the welcome rain has brought with it the much less welcome weeds.

Weeds, free for the pick.

No matter the rain the pots and tubs always dry out and require watering on a regular basis. We waited so long for the summer to come, now it almost over and the flowers having fulfilled the reason for their being now are passing at a fast pace indeed. Still whilst they are with us they certainly have brightened up our lives.

There is a theory that says, Governments want turmoil in society, the more the merrier, Brexit, coronavirus is right up their street. for a society that is in deep trouble feels variable, people become scared. Scared for their safety, their jobs, a roof over their head, therefore will be reluctant to change horses in midstream, so the government is safe, no matter how corrupt they are, or how they may be working against the good of that society. The voter will keep voting for them, believing, better the devil they know. This keeps corrupt governments in power no matter what they impose on society. ID cards, high unemployment, high taxes, the people will accept any change without question. Changes can be imposed now that they would not have been acceptable in “normal” times. And we can see that in real-time now with this Johnston government. Our world, at present, had become a very dangerous place.

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