Wandering Willie.

Friday, the weather had been muggy but no rain seemed to be forthcoming so I stretched out the hose at the rear of the building and gave the planters a good soaking. Over to the front of the building where the hose there is not so posh and leaks a lot at all the joints, so you get wet feet and clinging wet trousers, which makes me feel like a small boy once more. This, of course, induced the overnight rain, in fact, a guaranteed way to do so. 

Heading over to Balmarino, yesterday, I had no idea I would be going there it was just that the main road (A191) was a constant zoom, zoom, zooming with traffic. Zero emissions by when? Not in my lifetime. I turned off just after St Michaels onto quieter roads. I did not climb over the locked gate this time around to visit the abbey, but retraced my wheel tracks homewards – I know all too well, about the very long and very steep hill if you continue on this road.

I put down my book at around 9 o’clock in the evening and flicked through the Television channels – O’ one of my all-time favourite films. ‘Notting Hill’,

I’m not sure why, it just works so well. The cast was well chosen, the script superb, or maybe it is just the way the actors seem to feed off one another. I love the part near the end.

Ann Scott, (Julia Roberts) comes into the small book shop, she has with her a peace offering, a valuable painting. Maybe bought for that time she feared.

“Waking up someday to find she could not act and had the face of someone that once was famous for a while.”

The picture would of course have looked totally out of place in William Thacker’s (Hugh Grant) flat, the printed poster it would replace being much more appropriate there. Then she delivers the immortal line,

“Remember, I am just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her”

Wow, tissue time, then again I’m just a daft old romantic. Not to worry boys and girls, it all comes out well in the end, as all good fairytales do.

We have two bushes, although one is really now a hedge, that are a mass of flowers this year, one white the smaller blue.

I have no idea what you call them, but they do attract bees with a vengeance. I was sitting out there yesterday and the bush was alive with bees, mostly bumble bees but some honey bees too. If you have Lime trees anywhere near to where you stay, go there when the tree is in flower, the tree and the very air around it will vibrate to the sound of bees working on the flowers. The nectar is so toxic, the bees can actually get so drunk, they will fall from the tree.

Perfect cycling weather once more, but all change from Monday.

Keep safe.

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