It’s Good News Week.

There are many rose bushes down the perimeter wall, that separates our garden from City Road. They were not doing very much, so after a long session on the internet watching experts prune rose bushes, I set about ours.

“Stand back mum, I’m going to risk it”

The results have been nothing short of spectacular. Bushes that you would have said – best pull them out, have produced some beautiful blooms this year. Sadly the hot weather and bright sunshine have made their blooms short-lived, (are gardeners ever happy?). They are coloured, yellow, red, pink and one with multicoloured roses on the same bush. But as if planned, the one outside my window is a ‘White Peace Rose’.

One of the things about riding a bike, you know where the potholes are in the roads. Of course, car drivers do not like you moving out into “their” road to miss such impediments to your progress,

“Look at that silly bugger on that bike, stuck his hand out, then right out in front of me, there should be a law against it. Get on the pavement where you belong, Numpty”

however there is a lot of road repairs going on around the area,

“Why, sure it takes a man with intellect the lumps of tar to melt, Oh, you have to be a genius for the hot ash felt.”

I see on the news that Nissan, is to expand its factory in Sunderland to produce a new all-electric car and a plant to make the batteries for such cars. We are told that they will be investing £1billion, not that much really when you think about what was spend in California on the plant there making electric cars. Boris, well he is cock a hoot, hailing this as a great success and how the UK government is investing in the plant. We don’t of course know just how much of that £1billion the UK taxpayer will have to stump up, but it will be a sizeable chunk, if not all of the money, for Europe, would have been the first choice for Nissan, after the Brexit fiasco.

The biggest problems will be continuity of parts, now that they are cut off from their main source of automotive parts and steel, but those clever Chinese will simply supply straight from China, modern container ships are so efficient now that it only cost £2.00 per ton to move goods from China to the UK.

Just how efficient is that, well in the 1800s it cost £2.00 per ton to move coal, from the coalfields to the industrial heart of England, by barge.

The biggest percentage of the cars made here are sold outside the UK. (So what will be the real cost to the UK taxpayer to keep Nissan in the UK?) Remember when Brexit became a nightmare for PM May, she went straight up to Sunderland to keep the Nissan plant in the UK when they were already talking about moving lock stock and barrel to Europe. She must have opened her pocketbook wide on that occasion. Nissan really does have the UK treasury over a barrel. The British taxpayers will never know the true cost, until about 30 years from now when the files become available. There was a clue in the clip on the BBC News, the Chief Executive of the plant, Ashwani Gupta,

Ashwani Gupta

had a right cheeky grin on his face during the interview, looks like he will be laughing all the way to the bank.

I also, see that the City of London has been shut out of the European money markets, so our invisible earning, that has kept London afloat for so long, really is now invisible, vanished before their eyes, looks like they will be trading through the US from now on.

The EU has also said there will be no extension for Northern Ireland, at the end of the month, no child food will be allowed into NI, so no more English breakfasts, for you my lad, no bacon from Denmark, sausages from Holland, you really will have to “Go to work on an egg”. Chickens coming home to roost, (excuse the pun) and no pork pie with your pint, – I really do think your future lies in the south and back in the EU.

The British teams are heading off to the Olympics, amongst the competitors is a 12-year-old, skateboarder, Sky Brown. I have seen her perform, she looks good and has all the confidence of youth, but mostly she just looks as if she is having fun. Good luck to them all.

I have nothing against competition, but I feel it has become far to money orientated, win a gold medal and you will be made for life, never off the television, lots of lucrative advertising contracts, any other position and you will be forgotten by the end of the competition.

I remember a time, not so long ago, when only armatures were allowed to compete, turn professional and you were out. Sadly countries cheated their top athletes were all in the services, which for some reason did not count as professional, (since it was not their full-time job, ha, ha). Now they truly are carer athletes, they join the state-run institutions, where they have doctors, physiotherapists, trainers, dietitians and the best equipment money can buy. All of this is set up so that a country can gain as many medals as possible. I really do wonder what each of those medals really costs the taxpayer, and is this good value for money?

Lots and lots of soapboxing today,

Stay safe.         

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