I woke up this morning and you were on my mind.

Oh, it’s Thursday – Oor Alex will be on the telly.

Today he was interviewing Jerome Kim, a high heid yin in the International Vaccination Institute (IVI). Why is it that a man like Alex Salmond, can bring such enlightened people on to his programme, People who really do have the answers we seek about Coronavirus and what we as a nation, and as a world, need to do to combat and win this war?

Sadly all we get from the BBC, ITV and Sky are politicians and their soundbites, or PR daily briefings, more heat than light.

Put aside any prejudices that you may have over this broadcaster RT, that has been branded, wrongly, a Russian propaganda broadcaster by the British media, and tune into the Alex Salmond Show today, get yourself educated about coronavirus.

At the G9 summit the another week, big-hearted Boris and those present, promised 2 billion doses of vaccine for the world’s poorest nations, when we really need 20 billion – how do we step up our efforts, in manufacturing enough vaccine and the logistics for getting it into peoples arms?

What are the consequence of failure, to vaccinate the world’s population?

Tune into the Alex Salmond show today, for the answers.    

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