Daydreaming, My Life Away.

It was again a beautiful day as I set off on my morning ride, out to Pitscottie – over the hill and down into Cupar and home via Dairsie and Guardbridge, same old same old, but of course it never is, for every day is different. Today for instance they are laying stretches of the road down into Cupar, so traffic lights and that oh so wonderful smell of newly laid tarmacadam. Dairsie I caught the wind that had arrived out of the east, possibly on the changing tide, challenging now tiring legs.

Yesterday evening, I was sitting reading when I heard a strange ringing noise, where was it coming from? After eliminating all the normal noises, doorbell, entry system, I realised it was my mobile phone. It is one of those pay as you go phones, that I bought years ago when my sister was still alive and not at all well, just so we could keep in touch really. After her death it has sat there on my desk, silent as the grave. Who could possibly be calling me?

The caller turned out to be an electronic voice from the Bank of Scotland, they were concerned about the vast amount of money leaving my account – most unlike me, could I confirm that it was me and not some fraudster that was doing all the spending.

People are amazed that I do not have one of those Smartphones – how is it possible to live without one? They will ask. Well for a start I am not going to pay around £30.00 per month for something I have no real use for. And secondly, they are rude.

I hate going out with younger people for a meal, as soon as there is a lull in the conversation outcomes their Smartphone and the start scrolling through it and texting off messaged,

“That was Jean, I was just telling her that I was out for a meal…………”

Would it be the end of the world if Jean did not know at this precise minute that they were out for a meal?

These phones, or at least their overuse, has killed conversation around The dinner table stone dead. I have even seen two youngsters talking to each other in the same room by text, how stupid has it all become.

I do have a computer, well, you have to have one, for all government information, directives, or forms that you will require in this modern world, can now only be accessed online. And since I do not carry the internet around in my pocket, I have to set aside time each day to go online via Wi-Fi from the common room. This brings me to another of my wee soapboxes.

Internet connections – Why do we have to pay a server for internet connection, when people like Google, Amazon and the like are harvesting all of our details for their own purposes. Type anything into your computer and up will jump a message from Amazon to tell you they sell them, it is all part of our service to you, not some marketing ploy, they assure.

Just the other day I read how the German government has asked all of its members of parliament to end their Facebook pages, why? Everything they write goes straight to America.

If all these multinationals are happy to harvest our information, I believe, they should at least give us a free internet connection, we really should get something in return. Better still I would like to see Scotland having it’s own internet provider. Does that sound impossible?

Lesley Riddoch, in her film and lecture, following on from her visit to The Faroe Islands told us that the Faroe has its own internet service free to all. It operates on the island and for 8 miles out to sea, so clearly it is possible. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Of course so long as we are willing to pay £30.00 per month to text a friend to tell them that you are on the bus home and will be with them in five minutes, then these companies will keep on getting bigger and obscenely rich, at the expense of your bankbook.

I wonder if everyone in the country simply cancelled their Smartphone contract and went onto a pay-as-you-go phone, and only used it for legitimate reasons and, not just because I can, how long it would take these large companies to have a change of heart?

“Up the revolution”

That is the trouble with cycling, you have far too much time to daydream.

Stay safe.

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