Wildwood Rose.

This weather sure has made cycling a pleasure, I went over to Tentsmuir Forest today, just for a change. Crossing the bridge at Guardbridge the tide was out.

Look Mum, somebodies pulled the plug oot.

And as I passed along the road into Leuchars, the sent from the wildwood rose was overpowering, (you don’t get such pleasures driving past in a car),

This set me off singing,

The blossom of the Wildwood Rose, hangs heavy on the bower,

Tho’ once they were my heart’s delight, they do not move me now,

For my heart holds only sorrow, grief and bitter pain,

Since Sandy went a soldering along the coast of Spain.

This song is about a soldier going off to the Peninsular Wars, a time when you did not get a telegram from the War Office, you just waited and waited in the hope that your loved one would come home.

And when the rose doth blooms again, perhaps he will return,

And he might be a husband to me, and a faither to his bairn,

So god protect my Sandy, and bring him safely hame,

Nay mare ta’ gan a soldering, alang the coast of Spain.

Today I listened to part of an interview on Sky News with Lord Richard Dannatt, he was talking about the incident in the Black Sea with a British ship and the Russian Navy. He told us that America and Britain do not recognise Russia’s right to the territorial waters around Crimea and that this territory belongs to Ukraine, but in the same breath tells us that these are international waters, sorry run that past me again. Then went on to tell us that it is the Russian that is in the in the wrong here and we will continue to challenge our right to sail in these waters. Well, good luck with that.

This is all about the US using a British naval ship, (we’ll make the bullies but we would like you to fire them, proxy wars are always best, not so many body bags coming home and upsetting the voters). This British warship is being used as a stick, to poke at a hornet’s nest – Much like the US is sending HMS Elizabeth into the China Sea, for the same reason. And you know what happens if you poke a stick into a hornet’s nest, people get stung.

Looks to me like Biden’s presidency is in trouble already. Big trouble on the southern borders. The increasing influx of Chinese goods into the country (the only way to stop Chinese goods from coming into America is for America to produce the same goods at a competitive price to the Chinese, it’s called the Free Market, a market that the Americans keep telling us they wish to uphold). Crime in America is at an all time high, murder up by 25%. Talking about controlling some types of guns will not cut it, America needs to look at the whole gun scene in America and ban all forms of guns that are not purely for sport, and tighten restrictions on their ownership. Start looking at equality and fairness in the justice system for minority groups and ask themselves, why so many black families find it difficult to get employment?

I would put money on Biden being a one trip pony, and I see the rise of Trump (or someone in the same mould) again in the half-term elections.

Have just started John McCarthy ‘A ghost upon your path’ McCarthy set up home in a wild an isolated corner of County Kerry where his ancestors were living a thousand years before, in this book he is not only taking a journey into a small rural community but also into his own history and family. This is turning into an ‘I can’t put it down book’.

Keep safe.  

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