Rhubarb and Custard.

 I set out for Anstruther today and although the morning looked find, and pretty much windless, it did not long before I had to stop and pull on my cycling jacket, it was bloody cold. Arriving down at the harbour there were a few people around but mostly locals then again it is Tuesday.

One of the advantages about travelling by bike, you get the opportunity to meet and blether with people and today was no exception. I saw a lad working in his garden and stopped for a blether,

“I see you have lots of rhubarb,” I said

“Yes, it is beginning to take over the garden” he replied

“In that case, can I have a small root?” If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

The root he dug up for me, I would have needed my trailer to get it home, so I asked him to break it down to a size that would fit in my pannier bag. Which he did. I popped it into a black bag then into my pannier and with my thanks ringing in his ears I set off for home. I planted my rhubarb root outside the guest room window and watered it in well. It will take a season or two for it to bed itself in, but I am looking forward to stewed rhubarb with my custard in 2022. You have to be patient as a gardener.

Another enjoyable ride.

Well, I did get some water to the plants that live along the border, that runs down the length of the boundary wall. I rolled out the hose as far as it would go – then filled my clothes tub with water,

I used this as a transfer station, from tub to plants, keeping the hose running, just enough to keep the tub charged with water. I am pleased to announce that the young plants that were showing signs of stress, now look much the better and I’m sure much happier. Who said gardening was easy?

I see that there is a new strain of coronavirus on the horizon ‘Deli’ virus, now I don’t know much about viruses but I know that if you do not nip them in the bud, they mutate. Why are we finding this concept so hard to understand? If we do not stamp this out across the world then we will all be living with it for years and years into the future. The good news Boris, you will have solved the demographic problem, the lack of affordable housing, hospital waiting lists…………..

Stay safe

2 thoughts on “Rhubarb and Custard.

  1. Although I love flowers, I will introduce more vegetables next year, French beans have just as nice (if not better) flowers like sweet peas. But the girls might not like that, then we will not tell them, will we.


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