You don’t send me flowers anymore.

 By the time I arrived back from my run, I was over to Cupar, the wind was rising so I was pleased to be home. Showered, changed, I switched on the television as I make my way into the kitchen to put on the kettle, what would we do without our tea?

Sky News was on the television, Prim Minister Questions, I muted the sound. At the same time ‘Breaking’ news, the screen was split to show the arrival of President Putin in Geneva in Switzerland, he was there for a face to face meeting with the American President, Joe Biden.

On the split-screen, we saw PMQ on one side, and the arrival of one limousine at the place where the talks would be held, some grand house on the outskirts of Geneva. Putin alights from the car, no fuss no fan-fair, stops at the door for the official press photograph and enters the building.

Later we had the circus arriving in town, I could not count the number of black vehicles in the wagon train, but there looked to be around 50 at least. The Americans had arrived. Thank god they were not here to talk about Air Pollution or Global Warming.

It was also notable that as soon as Ian Blackford (SNP MP and leader of his party at Westminster) stood up in the Commons to ask his questions to Boris Johnston the television screen went from split to full screen – and yes it was the Biden cavalcade arrival at the venue.

Talking of arrivals, my iScot magazine had arrived behind the door. This always provokes thought. The article by Dr Steve McCabe was on air pollution and

“Nowadays, whilst things have undoubtedly improved, air pollution remains a major killer. Specifically, there are concerns around the levels of fine partials, less than 2.5 micrometres in diameter. These are the most harmful and most concerning. PM2.5 pollution produces multiple adverse effects on the human body – heart attacks, strokes, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, depression and dementia. At present more than one-third of all UK local authority areas are recording PM2.5 levels above the WHO recommended safe upper limit.”

I think I will be keeping my mask on well after coronavirus has passed.

What surprised me in this article was that wood-burning stoves account for over half the health cost of all man-made air pollution. In the UK PM2.5 air pollution from stoves is thought to be responsible for 38% of lethal air pollution. And wood smoke contains a similar toxic and carcinogenic chemical cocktail to tobacco smoke and it is estimated that a wood-burning stove will increase internal air pollution in the home by as much as three times.

I wonder if St Andrews knew about this when they built their bio plant (heat from wood chips) at Guardbridge, or the EU who put up the money for its construction?

Isn’t it great when all government bodies follow the scientific advice, like on coronavirus, air pollution, and global warming?

Still, you should cheer up – If you die tomorrow, at least you will die happy.     

Stay safe

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