Cheaper by the Dozen

nest boxes, (ready for a coat of paint) made from to sides of a discarded flat pack gents rob

Today St Andrews lies under a cloud, in more ways than one. It has for many been a torrid year, illness, deaths, funerals, all devoid of any contact, at a time when a hug would have been the most natural thing in the world to do. But as more and more people in the country are vaccinated, life for a wee while looked as if we might just return to some resemblance of normality, now we learn the truth of the WHO wise words at the beginning of this pandemic,

“No one is safe until everyone is safe”.

Vaccinating the world would be a logistic challenge that should have been tackled at the G-whatever summit. Oh, Boris and Biden trumpeted thousands of vaccines free to the third word, (why do they use that expression, there is only one world, Numpty) Big-hearted Arthur, both, it is like a gull peeing in the ocean and saying

“That’ll make a difference”

Then the stooshie over Northern Ireland. We are told that Biden scolded the petulant Johnston over this, will this make any difference to Johnston’s thinking, ‘Not a jot’. Johnston has no intention of honouring the agreement made between the UK government and the EU, for to do so he would have to stick to the high food standards that do not apply in the countries he wishes to do traded deals with. Chlorine washed chicken, steroid injected beef, and GM crops anyone? When that happens the EU will have to put up border posts on the island of Ireland, to stop such foodstuffs from entering the EU via the back door. Boris of course will say

“We did not put them up, it is all the fault of those pesky EU bureaucrats, they need to be more flexible.”

Parts of the UK went into lockdown to host the G7 summit, millions spent on security, accommodation, hoards of newspaper reporters, television presenters, descended on the small village disrupting the lives of its inhabitants. 24/7 news coverage on all the media channels, and when the President of the US, lifted off from the grounds of Windsor, ‘we all went home.’

Nothing was settled about the coronavirus vaccination programme for the rest of the world – ’ We’re all right Jack’.

Nothing was settled over Global Warming,

So where does this leave Scotland,

“Well f***ed and poorly clad’

We are kept in check by poverty, for England intends to hold on tight to the purse strings. The Scottish election was a disaster for the Scottish people, ‘Both Votes SNP’ ensured nothing will change. Boris will be pleased. He has Scots just where he wants them, sitting in the SNP benches at Westminster. There they have no voice, the butt of his jokes, for had they been sitting in Labour benches – then they would have been a threat to his power. As Baroness Fox said on the Alex Salmond Show.

“The Labour party is finished at Westminster.”

An Alba vote on the 6th May 2021 should have been worth its weight in Tyndrum’s gold, for it, would have converted a modest SNP majority into an Independence orientated super-majority, and with that would have come superpowers to demand talks on our country’s independence and if desired a plebiscite.

What we have is the prospect of a Green Minister in the Scottish Government – that’s the Green party who don’t know the definition of ‘Woman’ and who conflate sex with gender.

Where now for Scotland?

Like it was said about the IRA “Alba have not gone away”

Parties only disappear when the will is no longer there to keep them going – that’s what happened to Change UK, for example, which saw many of the key founding members defect to the Liberal Democrats within a matter of months. Ironically, Alba could have suffered the same fate if the SNP had shown more humility in values,

“We take no pleasure in your defeat, our door remains open to you”,

That way there may have been a trickle of defections back to the larger party, and eventually, Alba might no longer have looked viable. Instead of the SNP have treated a moderate, social democratic, pro-independent party as vermin that must be totally exterminated. That strategic (and moral) misstep looks set to produce a response it so richly deserves.

Our membership is growing daily, and as Brexit inflicts more damage on Scotland’s fragile economy, as its hill farmers leave their land, the fishing boats are sold off to pay the debts, and the fishermen join the dole queue. As Boris continues his ‘One – Britannia’ enterprise, how will the people of Old Scotia, react?

“Fight and you may die – run and you may live, at least for a while, and from this day until then, would you trade that time for just one chance, just one chance, to regain ‘Our Freedom”

Form ‘Braveheart’.     

Keep safe.

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