“Summer time and the living is easy.”

 It was settling in for one fine day as I set out for Guardbridge, I was to return to the book shop today so I did not intend straying too far from home. The morning still carried the cool night air, but as quiet as a dormouse in hibernation, the only wind, relevant, by the speed of my bike, you could not ask for a more perfect cycling morning. I passed a field I had seen planted with potatoes only weeks ago, seemed like only yesterday, today, green shoots from the tops of the drills.

The little woods had wild roses in abundance, I remember these bushes being sold as rose hedges back in the 1980s.

The hay field, filled with willow the wisps running through it’s sanitised tall grasses, totally devoid of any poppies red, cornflower blue, and no home for insect or bird.

Days of my childhood – where are they now?

Returning into St Andrews the book shop was closed, not everyone, it would seem, enjoys the early morning air. Feeling good I cycled on.

St Andrews Bay shone like a new silver sixpence, spread out before me, as I submitted Brownhill. The hill seemed effortless today, the rest day had done its work.

By Kingsbarns, the wind was picking up but I was still pedalling strongly, I stopped off a Crail to look down on the little harbour from Castle Terrace, the words of an old Scottish poem popped into my head

I smile at them as at the old Crail lady,

Who used to man,

Her garden gate each morning

Just to see me smile,

‘A special smile,’ she said.

David Kinloch

I smiled as I remembered the words, or maybe they were not exactly the words, it did not matter.

I cut across the country over onto the B9131 for home and a second visit to the book shop, sold one book for a good price so I am H-A-P-P-Y

“Summer time and the living is easy……….”

Stay safe.

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