Not War, War.

Yesterday I woke up about as lethargic as the weather, switched on the television on and padded off to the kitchen and put the kettle on, the day will not start for me until I have my morning pot of tea.

How could I even hope to write about my wows when up on the screen came an Advisor to the Prime Minister screaming into the microphone about the brutality being inflicted on the Israeli people from ‘Hamas’. Note how the Palestinian people have been conveniently airbrushed out of the picture.

The Israeli Air Force AH-64 Apache was used as a platform for shooting guided missiles at Palestine targets and employed at the targeted killings policy against both militants and political leaders, What was missed out of the conversation was the killing of civilians including children, (brushed aside as collateral damage)

The UK government (a yapping dog at the feet of the US president) sent a TEXT to ask for both parties to draw back from an escalating conflict.

The American President, is sending a peace envoy to the region, (will he be anything like Tony Blair sent by Bush as Peace Envoy to the Middle East, he set up his offices in Jerusalem, which turned into a front for American and British arms sales to the Middle East.

The latest troubles started when Israel started to ethnicity cleanse the city of Jerusalem of Palestinians, forcefully removing people from their homes. Riots broke out, boys started to throw stones at the Israeli soldiers. As the trouble escalated (well away from the gazing eyes of the western media who had their blind eye to the telescope at the time) the Israeli soldiers throw stun grenades into the Mosc. No big deal you might think, until you remember the repercussions of a cartoon of Mohamed that appeared in a Paris newspaper and outside a Mosc in England when the teacher brought the subject up in his classroom.

What is happening and has been happening over most of my lifetime, is the violation of the Palestinian People’s, human rights. Their land taken from them, Israeli homes being built on land stolen from the Palestinian people, who are now excluded from it. Palestinians kept in an open prison in Gaza, refused access to their ports, forbidden to leave or return to their own lands – or at least only at the bequest of Israel.

If Palestinians protest along the border with Israel. Israeli soldiers will shoot across the fence line deliberately aiming at the legs of the protesters, hundreds have been injured in this way, all within their own borders.

Anyone in the west that stands up against what is happening in the Palestine will quickly find themself branded as Antisymmetric, and drummed out of office, Jeremy Corbyn.

As for the US the only power in the world that can enforce change. Sorry we can do nothing, you see ‘The Hill’ is stuffed full of Jews and Jewish dollars.

The UN, now only a (very expensive) paper tiger, can only condemn what is happening. The UN can not make a move without the consent of the US – they may as well swap the ‘N’ for an ‘S’.

Big change is upon us, the balance of power is moving from west to east. The US is finding it difficult to sustain its huge arm forces around the world. Israel is playing a very dangerous game, how long before the Arab World, decides enough is enough, and full-scale war breaks out once more across the Middle East?

Well I’m glad to get that off my chest. Yesterday I rode down to Anstruther and back via Crail – the wind was very light and out of the east, so very cold, since it was straight of the North Sea. Today it will be Cupar, an easy day for me, I am well on track for my first week’s goal of 100 miles, feeling pleased with myself, sadly it comes at a cost, my body feels shattered on my return. I normally shower (which revives me) but once I set my bum down on a chair with a cup of tea – I am reluctant to rise again until bedtime, which can not come soon enough. Old age doesn’t come alone, I expect it to take at least a month to get back to where I was a year ago, that what a year (seriously) off the bike does to you.

Stay safe.

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