Soapy Bubbles.

Yesterday after the laundry was out of the machine, I set off on the bike, just as far as Leuchars and back for I wanted to get the Alba show on the road. The town was again quite so when the wind picked up, ahead of a weather front moving in from the west, and ahead of the rain, I hot-footed it for home. The rain when it came was heavy and prolongedly, on for the day, but well-received after such a long dry spell, we all want to see our hard work in the garden come to fruition. I was too restless to sit and read, so put on my foul weather gear and headed out for the shore, I love walking in the rain when I’ve dressed the part. Yes, I know.

When I was in the RAF we had pre – AOC inspections, once a year, this is where someone not so high up the pecking order comes to the camp and does an inspection so that when the top man himself arrives soon after, he can more or less, show face, then head off to the Officers Mess for a bit of a doo.

Today the UK is hosting, face to face talks (the first in two years) of G7 Foreign and Development Ministers – sort of pre – G7 meeting much like the pre – AOC inspection.

We are told that top of the agenda will be the coronavirus virus outbreak in India, and what they can do to help.

When coronavirus raised its ugly head in China all those months ago my first words at the time was

“Thank God it was not India”

We all know the state of India, overcrowded, people living cheek to jowl, poor medical facilities for the size of its population, corruption at every level of society, coronavirus coming to India was a disaster waiting to happen. Now two years on the G7 will meet and talk about what can be done.

Over three million people have now died in this pandemic and it still has a long way to run, despite the enthusiastic rhetoric coming from, Boris Johnston.

I watched on television a the time as news of this new virus came to our knowledge. It was a “Time Laps” film of the new temporary hospital being constructed in China, it was happening at breakneck speed (one week) and would hold one thousand beds. Anyone testing positive for this virus would be taken there for treatment. Along with this, there would be a system of track and trace, helping stop the spread. In no time at all they had coronavirus under control in China. The same in Vietnam and other Far Eastern countries, why even little New Zealand had someone in charge that had a bit of common sense to do likewise, and close down the airports to stop any infection into the country. These countries and their people were saved, their economy was saved – we on the other hand in Europe and North America (where we had Trump, rather than listening to WHO (the world health organisation) was blaming them and threatening to leave the WHO, what a Trump) We in the West are still struggling with the effects of coronavirus two years on from the last G7 summit.

One of the other questions up for discussion, they tell us will be “Climate Change” when we see how the 7 richest economies in the world have handled coronavirus all I can say to that is

“Good Luck”

The (UK) International Trade Secretary was on sky this morning telling us how we are talking about ways to help the people of India, how we might get more vaccine supplies to them. Too little Too late International Trade Secretary. And going by the way your government has handled the coronavirus pandemic in this country……if I was in India’s shoes at this time then I would do a deal with Russia, they will send planeloads of Sputnik V vaccine today if asked.

The mist is now lifting and ST Andrews in starting to brighten up, but there is a bloody cold wind out of the north, better put on my woolly poolly, under my cycling jacket, before I go.

Keep safe.  

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