Blethering Jock.

I often switch on the television and flick through the news channels as I eat breakfast, to see if there is anything of interest, but since all news programmes are dominated by English and American interests, there seldom is anything that would interest me. And have you noticed how all the news never has any real insight as to WHY?

This morning it was about the shortage of homes in Devon, demand outstripping supply. Young people being priced out of the market. Nothing newsworthy in that, it has been happening in Wales in Scotland, just as it has in every secluded beauty spot in England too. This is not news but regurgitation. What we did not get was WHY?

I was sitting in a hub with a local lad, we were talking about the up and coming Brexit referendum, and the golden opportunity for the independence campaign (being dragged out of Europe against our will, if it were to happen that way, and how that would be a gift for the Yes campaign as he saw it, (but alas a missed opportunity by Oor Nicola). My friend at the time had said

“Try getting a house in Scotland after Brexit, when all the holiday and retirement homes are sold up in Spain and France as owners repatriate back home, will be a nightmare. Chickens coming home to roost – maybe.

Five Eyes was supposed to be a loose grouping made up of America, the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zeeland. The idea behind it was, each would share any intelligence that came across their respective desks with the other four members. When New Zealand, saw that China had become public enemy No one for America and that the loose club sharing intelligence was becoming, very political and ganging up on China, New Zeeland said,

“Thanks, but no thanks, we have good relations with China diplomatically and in trade”.

Suddenly the other four members of the club moved against them, with friends like these – who needs enemies?

Now I know little about the internal working of China, or what if any human right abuses are going on in that country. America and The UK are forever taking the high ground, calling out China, on their human rights record, I only have three words (out of many I could quote) for them,

Julian Assange,


I bought a card to send to my niece, it was to wish her happiness in her new home. Today I went along to the post office to buy a stamp to send it off. The post office was closed (even although the notice said it should be open). OK, I will buy a book of stamps at the supermarket, even although I really only needed one stamp. Over £7 for a book of second class stamps. In hindsight, I should have sent flowers. An amusing thought came to me as I walked to the box to post the card,

I will now have to live past Christmas to use up all these second class stamps. The daft things that come into my head.

Really need to go rescue my washing from the machine and get on my bike.

Keep safe.  

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