“The day that the rains came down,

mother earth smiled again”. We did have a little rain this morning, alas only enough to dampen the surface, I went out first thing and the rich smell you get after rain, more so after a long dry spell is like nothing you have ever experienced.

Last night I watched the last of the programmes on BBC 1, Greta Thunberg – a year to change the world. Clearly, it was not the programme they had planned but along came coronavirus in the middle of filming.

We heard from many scientists about their work on reducing our carbon footprint, but all were, very much still at the experimental stage, and none that we saw could do the job on its own. It would also take governments to make the changes even if the scientists came up with the answers, and that was the Achill’s heel. Even the Danes who talked about a target of zero emissions in the next decade – way before anyone else there were compromises (air travel in and out of the country was exempt). 

The other countries that had targets were proving to be already over-ambitious and will never be met. The UK of course blowing its trumpet about the reductions it has already made. However, these cuts were on the back of out-sourcing to countries in the Far East. We have our goods made there, then call out China, Taiwan and India as the countries that are the biggest polluters, moving the blame, is not a solution.

Greta Thunberg said

“People listen to me, but I don’t want them to listen to me – I want them to listen to the science”

However, if you read my blogs “The truth is what I say it is” you will know that is a flawed science too.

Our world is in a bad way and I see no knight on shining armour riding to its rescue.

25th April 2,336 deaths from coronavirus in India and they say this could rise to half a million a day by the end of the week.

The World Heath Organization (WHO) are concerned that because the coronavirus pandemic has overshadowing everything else, vaccination programmes for other killer diseases are being scaled back across the world, and cancer is being overlooked ……….. we are only storing up trouble for ourselves.

A world’s people now living under a cloud of global warming, a coronavirus pandemic, worldwide famine, lack of any kind of healthcare in many parts of the world, companies that generate so much money that no government can stand against them, they can dictate to countries to make policies changes that are against the wishes of the people. We have children growing up in poverty, even in the richest countries of the world.

In Scotland alone 1 in 4 (25%) of children are living in relative poverty after housing costs – that’s 240,000 Scottish children. 1 in 6 (17%) of Scottish children live in persistent poverty – persistent poverty – this means that for a least three out of four years.

Then there is homelessness, the scale of the problem is notoriously difficult to tie down to accurate figures for we have rough sleeping – people trapped in temporary accommodation or hostels and shelters. Homelessness is not always visible, hidden homelessness, also known as sofa surfing, is virtually impossible to count as people staying at friends or relatives homes are out of sight.

Our World order reduced to ‘the devil take the hindmost’.

If we have a vaccine that will stop coronavirus in its tracks, why is it not being produced in every country in the world, and delivered to the population free of charge, rather than allow large pharmaceutical companies to call the shots, whilst the world suffers?

Why do we have countries that are capable of growing their own food, living on food aid, that only pushes them further into poverty and in servitude to the countries supplying that aid?

Why Food Banks and Food Stamps in the richest countries of the world such as America and the UK?

War still raging in Afghanistan after 20 years. From October 2001 to March 2020 there have been 454 fatalities of UK military and civilians in Afghanistan under Operation Herrick – 2009 and 2010 were the worst years, both recording over 100 deaths in each of those years.

Britain still has occupation troops Iraq

Britain still deeply involved in a proxy war in Yemen, that has caused a humanitarian crisis.

The UN Humanitarian office puts Yemen war dead at 233,000 mostly from ‘indirect causes’. Millions of children across Yemen face serious threat due to malnutritions in particular and the lack of basic health services. All these threats are caused by the ongoing war and hostilities in the country.

And on and on…………

Whilst all these questions go unanswered, we hear that the Royal Navy is going to sail to India – not to use their aircraft carrier to help save lives of a nation desperate for help with medical supplies doctors and medics, No, but to fly the flag, to show how Britain is once more a power to be reckoned with.

‘Rule Britannia – Britannia rules the waves (so long as it is flying the Stars and Strips)

I looked up the cost of each of the six aircraft onboard HMS Elizabeth

and it works out at the relatively low cost of $80 million each, which The British government will say, for the best fighter in the world – a bargain. But this is deceptive, the F35 has proven so expensive and challenging to maintain that every hour an F-35 is flown it coast $36.000. so bad is this new version of the old F-16 (that the Americans have managed to palm off on the RN), that the American Air Force, has admitted the F-35 Stealth Fighter has failed.

Oh I love my planes I do,

They are designed to kill that’s true,

But the more I have in my collection,

Why the bigger my erection.

Why? I ask, when there are so many pressing problems in the world is the UK playing silly buggers?

Scotland needs out of this Union, like Now.

Stay safe

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