Sun and Sea.

 Life was a little special today, after the chores in the garden I hitched the trailer to my tricycle and headed down to the harbour, on what was now a hot summers day.

I was surprised that more people were not out and about, still with lockdown easing on Monday things may pick up and flying the flag can commence in earnest over the remaining three weeks. I will also have my second injection by then, (Saturday).

I sat in the pleasant sunshine, staring seawards, the rhythm of the tide, a healing balm for the soul. The cooling salty laden air, comforting. After a couple of hours I returned home, I was surprised when a neighbour said

“You’ve caught the sun” sadly I do not go that rich California beach-boy bronze, more a dirty brown colour, ho-hum. Maybe one of my distant ancestors, some great, great grandfather had gone native when fighting out in the Far East for the East Indian Company. You have such an imagination Hamilton.

I was on detachment to Cyprus, an whilst there I spent every off-duty moment touring around the dusty roads of the island on an old German DLW motorcycle, a little two-stroke that rattled like a bag of bolts. God alone knew how many owners it had had over the years but by its gravel rash paintwork, quite a few. My other indulgence was to play with the buoys, down at the yacht club, when I returned home, I knocked on the door and when my father answered, he took one look and asked, in a very serious voice,

“Can I help you?”

It’s me dad, honest. That distinctive, Jimmy Hamilton smirk, crossed dad’s face,

“I thought you were a Shellac” he mused – the name he gave to the coal carriers that bunkered the ships in foreign lands, such as India.

I use to love the sun, and when I sailed regularly, I was brown from top to toe almost permanently, alas, I am much more careful now, that we hear so much about skin cancer.

“It’s illegal, It’s unlawful, or it makes you fat”.

The audio wallpaper today is Ruth Etting – ‘Happy Days and Lonely Nights’ I can understand why she was such a hit on the radios of the 20s and 30s, she is so easy to listen to. The double CD I have is just a constant stream of uninterrupted songs, 2 hours 36 minutes of them, and since the tempo never really changes, sort of dance rhythm all the way through, you are just carried along in the music. Now all her ‘Blackbirds are Bluebirds Now’, no they just don’t write them like that any more.

The National

I was reading a war correspondent’s take on the build-up of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border. He was saying that if war breaks out between Ukraine and Russia it could happen very quickly – even as soon as this weekend and this should not come as any surprise to the west, Russia has form.

And in the Times newspaper

“The UK is deploying warships to the Black Sea next month, further ratcheting up provocations by the United States and its stooge regime in Ukraine against Russia.

(by next month, it will all be over by then so this is just another of Johnston “Rule Britannia” stunts)

Russia has amassed substantial forces near the Ukrainian border, after Ukraine regime endorsed a strategy to “recover” Crimea. The strategically vital peninsular was annexed by Russia following the far-right 2014 coup in Kiev, which was backed by the US and the European Union (EU).

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence told the Times, “The UK and our international allies are unwavering in our support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

The Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer, HMS Defender. HMS Defender is the fifth of the Navy’s six £1 billion Type 45 destroyer”

The correspondent in the National put up a good case for his thoughts, but this is all sabre rattling, I believe the US is on top of this, they will back down over allowing Ukraine to join NATO, for this is what the build-up is all about, a warning to America, stay out of Russian politics, the UK sending a token two boats to bolster the Ukrainian Navy is not going to put the frighteners on Russia – they have a few boats there too.

Also, Crimea is a fortress, even sailing into the Black Sea during these exercises is provocative and foolhardy. Then when you have a fool at the helm of HMS Britannia……….

You have to understand that the Black Sea is the only ice-free port that Russia has, and their only route into the Mediterranean, and the world. They will never allow the north shore of the Black Sea to come under the control of NATO (America) more so when the south shore is already controlled by a NATO member, Turkey. Anyone who thought that Russia would allow Crimea, and Russia’s largest naval base there, to slip out of their control, well they just don’t understand.

The only way that Russia will cross over the Ukrainian border is if America doesn’t draw its horns in. Ukraine has already asked Russia for talks, wisely for they know the Russian army will roll right over them, and their Black Sea fleet

will be sunk minutes after the first Ukrainian shots are fired. It will be swift and messy. Not only will Ukraine be the loser but, it is harder to get an invader out of your country once they are in, than keeping them out in the first place. (Just ask the Iraqi people, who have asked repeatedly for America to leave their lands, likewise the Afghanistan government.) the only excuse that the Russians would need is that Russia is protecting Russian speaking Ukrainians as they did in the East of Ukraine when they needed to control free access to the Crimean. No Ukraine would be better looking East to Russia, than West to Europe for a better neighbour. They already have, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Poland on their borders if they wish closer trading relationships with the European Union. In this case, it is the Americans that are the aggressors by trying to rule Ukraine by proxy, not Russia.

Please vote Alba and get us to hell out of this unholy Union, before these daft buggers start another war.

Keep safe       

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