Fishing Boats – Now Garden Ornaments.

 Saturday and the skies are brushed with light wisps of cloud, so looks like another great day in the making. After yesterdays forge to Leven, I am feeling my age this morning, so rather than a hard 20 miles round trip down to Anstruther, I will stay closer to home.

Next Saturday I have an appointment for my second coronavirus injection, ho-hum.

When I walked down through St Andrews yesterday the crowds seem to be returning to the town, and the East Sands were awash with visitors. So, I intend to give the East Sands, the Abbey and on into Church Square, my attention, see if I can not drum up a few ears willing to listen. St Andrews in not natural independence territory, but if I can get a few visitors taking pictures and posting them to friends on the internet, you never know who will pick up the message and spread the word. With only three weeks to go to the election, Alba really needs more bodies on the street, more public exposure.

At present Alba is lying at 6% in the polls, (same as Green), not bad for a party that only formed 2 weeks ago, and predicted to gain 5 MSP in May, better if I was up around 10%, then we are talking real breakthrough. Five MSP will get a foot in the door, and give them a voice, setting them up for the 2025 General Election and with coronavirus stabilising in the country we could have AUOB (all under one banner) on the march once more.

I watched Alex Salmond being interviewed on Sky yesterday morning and the interviewer was not interested in anything that Alex had to say, only wishing to blacken his name with allegations of his conduct from some 10 years ago and what party members, now standing candidates on the list said in some tweet on the internet, yonks ago. However, Alex is too long in the political tooth to let anyone away with that and soon had the conversation turned around to talking about the Alba message. And this is why he is such a threat to the Union and why the BBC – ITV and Sky have tried to starve the party of oxygen, and if you side is not strong enough to take on the opposition’s players, then don’t go for the ball but the man. However they lost their chance to quieten Alex when they failed in their attempt to have him shut up and locked up in prison, convicted (or his credibility trashed) on sexual charges in the High Court.

The last time we saw a plan less likely to succeed was when the then British government’s planned to take back control of the Suez Canal, totally incompetent, farcical and ended with them losing face, good one Nicola.

When I went through Upper Largo, yesterday I could not help but notice a modern well equipped and maintained 30-foot inshore fishing boat fitted out for creel fishing. Sadly not in the water earning her keep, but parked up on the patio in front of the owners home.

Is this the new state of the Scottish fishing industry after Brexit – boats making good garden ornaments? What did Boris tell Scottish fishermen?

“Take back control of our waters” as skipper Buchan recently said,

“If Boris comes up to Fraserburgh, he better be able to swim, for he will be going in the harbour”

What I can not understand why (like Trump) people are so easily taken in with his lying rhetoric, he is a politician – he lies for a living.

Well, things to do, places to go.

Stay safe.  

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