Thursday and not a dish-washed.

Where has my week gone, the great spell of good weather had brought a rush of jobs to the fore, and of course I have managed to put a few miles in on my bike. I have used my conventional bicycle, hard work but much more rewarding, even if the distances travelled are curtailed. The mornings have been chilled but that comes with the cycling territory.

The rest of the days has been taken up with the gardens, turning over beds, transplanting the seedlings into their new homes, a bit early I know but they are getting so leggy and they will be less work, looking after them in the ground than in numerous pots.

Then there is the Alba party, I believe Scotland’s last hope if they really want independence. It is interesting how the Alba party, has brought unity to all the other parties (including the SNP), they have found in Alba a common enemy.

I hear today that we are at last getting boards and leaflets along with pens and badges to hand out, I hope they are all recyclable, we have enough rubbish in our seas.

Interesting e-mail came my way, it was originally generated by Geoff Bush from the SNP supporters for Independence Group. He is referring to a reply from an SNP candidate, to his e-mail to all SNP candidates. The email was the last gasp attempt to get candidates to consider the Manifesto for Indy approach of making the May 6th 2021 election a de facto declaration of independence. This is an extract from the response. Warning it may shock.

“I note the points you make but I personally do still favour having a referendum. However, I would prefer to wait until support for independence as shown in the opinion polls was up to around 70% John Mason.”

Prof if prof was needed (I have been saying this for years the SNP are WOW for Independence) and why Scotland desperately needs Alba to flush out those who have no interest in pursuing the Independence agenda. Those that are happy to pick up their salaries and build their pension pot rather than pursue the objectives they were elected to full fill.

They are now hoping that ignorance will get them over the winning post and another five years in power. If folks understand how the electoral system works the game will be a bogey and unionist seats will disappear like the snow of a dyke in spring the length and breadth of the country.

More surprisingly the SNP Leadership agree. The last thing they want is another pro Indy Party in the Parliament. Worse, one with a plan and strategy to make it happen! One that is not willing to wait for a 70% or the end of 2023 or like the Greens 2026! – neither of these two parties wish their feet held to the fire, so a bad-mouthing Alba.

The SNP wish to hijack people’s votes for independence and use them to push ahead with policies almost nobody wants. No one in the Scottish parliament at present cares what you think, as for Nicola Sturgeon, she never said more truthful words than these, when she was interviewed at the Edinburgh Book Festival, “I see my job as keeping my party in power in Scotland”.

At the moment this is what the poles are telling us, but with four weeks to go to the election that could all change.  

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