The Bruce is back.

Hollywood actor and director, Angus Macfadyen, who played the hero king in the Mel Gibson’s blockbuster Braveheart and reprised the role once again in Richard Gray’s film depiction of two years ago, has announced his backing for Scotland’s newest political Party.

ALBA Party leader and Former First Minister Alex Salmond said: “It is great to have Angus on board. ALBA at two weeks old Scotland’s fastest growing political Party and with Robert the Bruce on our side the other parties should start to tremble. It is indeed people power which can propel Scotland towards independence – from Superman’s dad to #Supermajority”

At present we do not have a proper government in Scotland, it is devolved, so no real powers to change anything that would be of benefit to the Scottish people at the detriment to London or England.

We are kept in check by only have pocket money rather than control over our own economy and natural resource. This along with the monopoly of the English media, that feeds the Scottish people its ‘Rule Britannia’ messages and censors anything that might smack of more powers coming our way, and at all cost, anything that smacks of Self Determination for the Scottish people.

Take the banning of Alba (a new political party in Scotland) from any debate on television, yet we are in the middle of an election to choose who shall represent the people of Scotland for the next five years at Holyrood.

“Yes”, I hear the mainstream media cry, “but they are new – so irrelevant, they do not hold any seats in Holyrood at present, not like the real parties in Scotland”.

I find that difficult to swallow, it is a lame excuse when the Alba party, already have more members than the Liberal Democrats, more elected Councillors than the Green Party, twice the Parliamentary representation at Westminster of the Scottish Labour Party. And the cherry on the top of the cake, led by a Former First Minister of Scotland. The Alba party have ensured that Self Determination for Scotland is now the number one issue for discussion in the run up to the May election. They are far from irrelevant when the Tories describe Alba as,

“The biggest danger the Union has ever faced”

Ah, Now the penny has dropped, a threat to the Union, then we must use every trick in the book to make sure they are starved of oxygen, and their massage is stifled.

Alba making their case, outlining why a vote for the SNP on the constituency vote and SNP on the list vote is a bad idea, since few of the SNP list votes will be counted or materialise as seats in the parliament. In fact the opposites is true, the votes will all go to parties that have failed to gain a constituency seat, so a vote for the SNP on the list is a vote for a party that the Scottish people have rejected at the ballot box. The SNP list votes will be divided and subdivided until they are worthless.

But even if most of the list votes were wasted, but one seat was gained for the SNP on the list, and that seat was enough to push them over the line and win a majority in Holyrood, would that not be worth all the wasted votes?

Well, no. I would say 32 Alba MSP replacing 32 Unionist MSP in Holyrood would give more clout to the people of Scotland, than anything the SNP could pull off.

What I dislike most about a majority of SNP MSPs at Holyrood is the road that they have taken Scotland down over the past, moving further and further to the right, climbing into bed with big corporations. Using Scottish Enterprise, to facilitate high-level meetings between Senior Scottish Ministers and arms industry “clients.” These range from Ministers being wined and dined by arms companies to MSPs hosting a cosy evening receptions for arms companies within the Scottish Parliament itself. The SNP government syphon of Scottish taxpayers money to companies such as Raytheon and Leonardo. Oh we are told by the SNP government that this money is to fund

“Aid Diversification Effects”

or for civil engineering projects despite the lack of monitoring of its actual use. Sorry folks, Hamilton is up on his favourite Soap Box again,

“Bairns not Bombs.”

So what about ‘Scotland Bairns’, we have the Hate Crime Bill and GRA, Disgusting and dangerous legislation that endangers the health and well-being of our youngsters, the Scottish Government funding for organisations that support reducing the age of consent in adolescents, that supports self ID for children as young as eight.

The Scottish Government have just provided £1.1 million of public funds to Stonewall Scotland and LBGTY Scotland, both of whom are signed up as members of the ILGA World (International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association) Whose policies include removing any legislation of laws that criminalize sex involving adolescents. Many women are outraged and I do not blame them for one moment.

Remember the Scottish Government is doing all of this

“In Your Name”

And all in secret. Did you sign up for this?

I shall not read out the full text in a reply to a freedom of information request but The last part says it all.

“Disclosure is likely to undermine the full and frank discussion of issues between the Scottish Government and these stakeholders, which in turn will undermine the quality of the policy making process, which would not be in the public interest.”

Or we need to keep such thing secret, less the people find out and riots ensue. Or at this sensitive time people do not vote SNP – SNP.

So the absence of the Alba Party means these issues will probably never be discussed and kids in Scotland will face increasing dangers from the Woo, Woo brigade in the SNP, who have become stronger every day thanks to public money that is being showered on them while many Scots live in poverty and face homelessness.

Please all you SNP voters, think before you put your X on the list vote paper. Your X against Alba party on the list, would return the power back to the people of Scotland.

Stay safe.

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