It has been a funny old day, and no mistake.

First thing Aldi to restock Mrs Hubbard’s cupboards. The town was very quiet, as was Aldi, the weather out wasn’t so bad, still not summer but the sun was shining which always helps.

I took the trike and trailer over to Church Square but it was pretty well deserted, so headed home once more, dropped off the trailer and since I had the tricycle out anyway, may as well go for a wee run, I went over to Pitscottie and back, far enough with all the plants awaiting my return, they really need to be out in the garden now, regardless that the forecast is not great. It was after three o’clock by the time I had finished and cleared away, I was ready for a meal, potatoes and beef sausages, with a serving of baked beans on the side. It has been a good day, for my body knew well it had done a bit of work.

Chilling out to Eric Clapton – ‘Live in California’ nothing like the blues to chill out to, and Eric adds a little bit of his own magic, playing now Keys to the Road.

When I was attending college, I had a one hour slot as A DJ on Hospital radio and since we were always looking for funds, I asked around if any local bands would be willing to do a charity concert if I could organise a venue. The Adam Smith Theatre, in Kirkcaldy, was chosen for the venue. I had hired a large hall with a small stage at one end, and asked for it to be set out with table and seating around the walls, so that people could get up and boogie to the music if they wished.

The Adam Smith Theatre

I enlisted a friend who had a friend that was once a roadie at large concert venues, to help. I picked them both up in the hired van and headed out to Cardenden, to a theatre hire company there, I could not believe the amount of equipment they were ordering, feed back monitors, what the hell is a feed back monitor, miles of cables, stands, mikes, and a central conceal, with switches, slides and knobs that could easy have been mistaken for part of a space shuttles dashboard.

It had taken until lunch time to just get the equipment up on stage and in position. With all the cables running up the isle to the conceal at the rear of the theatre – lunch, down the pub. Gee I hope we sell enough tickets to cover all of this expense. Back in the theatre and the drummer sat behind his kit and beat a steady beat for around twenty minutes whilst the roadie twiddled, and finally when he was happy that all was well we headed home for a beak and tidy up for the evening concert.

The concert would comprised of three local rock bands, none of which I had heard off. It was now time to get out the worry beads as the clock ticked on to 7 PM the officially start of the concerts. Up until this moment I had been too busy to worry.

The bands seemed to have brought along their own audiences, or should that be camp followers, who along with the band seemed content to monopolies the bar, despite my insistence that the concert was running late and the theatre audience was getting impatient.

The first band made it onto stage only 35 minutes late, heaven knows what the others two will sound like by the time I get them out of the bar.

I need not have worried, my two friends had been a blessing setting everything up, and the bands went down well too. My worry beads again came into play as I tried to get all three bands, now combined into a jam session, off the stage, since it was now well past the allotted time. I had to bung the caretaker to pacify him, for we were still loading equipment into the back of the van after midnight, It was an experience, one I would not have missed for the world, but not one I’m in any great hurry to repeat.

“Oh no, It’s only Rock and Roll but I like it”. The Stones.

We had a snow flurry earlier on, but the skies are clearing away now so I better get out and put some upturned plant pots over the lupins, ho-hum, still it will all be worth it I’m sure.

A funny old day, and no mistake.

Stay safe.

2 thoughts on “It has been a funny old day, and no mistake.

  1. Hi Walter Did you make any profit for the radio? I hope so after all that work? When Bryn was doing A levels in school he took part in a project with the aim of funding the group to go out to Argantina and Brazil for a month. We had to pay half the money and as a group they had to organise events to rais the other half. It tought them great skills but it cost me a fortune. It did however keep my dad entertained going to concerts, bake sales etc. They had local bands in various events. To be fair people were very suportive of them but it was a two year project and the small group that took part had to work very hard in organising everything. Take care Brenda

    On Sun, 11 Apr 2021, 2:10 pm The Grand Tour: Fife and Beyond, wrote:

    > threewheelsonmywaggon posted: ” First thing Aldi to restock Mrs Hubbard’s > cupboards. The town was very quiet, as was Aldi, the weather out wasn’t so > bad, still not summer but the sun was shining which always helps. I took > the trike and trailer over to Church Square but it was pretty” >


    1. Yes, it was a well-attended avent, I did not lose money but it was more about the publicity that the concert attracted so when I did a round of the local businesses asking them to donate a prize for our grand raffle, it was steal at every shop and business, that really brought in the cash, swings and roundabouts.


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