Hate is only the prerogative of ignorant people.

The first week of April has already gone down the ‘craw road’ as Judy (Collins) would also ask “Who knows where the time goes”.

7 am and the skies over St Andrews are ringing out as clear as the note from a bell, thankfully the overnight frost, that had been forecast for the area did not arrive. I did my perambulation of the garden for inspection of the newly planted, and to my relief, they were all standing up like little soldiers on parade. We travel hopefully.

With little wind and the sun on the ascension, I need to get out on my bicycle once more, it has been almost a week now and withdrawal symptoms are setting in.

I did go out on my non-electric assisted bike (yes I still have one) and it was cold, not at all windless and hard work, that’s what becomes of having a week off, like going back to work after a two week holiday, loafing around in the sun, you take it ill out.

Home and I went onto the net to see what was happening in the real world of news. And as soon as I entered the virtual world a message popped up on the screen from Elie Weather, frost expected tonight, ho-hum, I will have to think of protection for my new plants.

Now there has been a big stooshie in the Scottish parliament for what seemed like forever about a contralateral bill ‘The Hate Crime Bill’. Now I have to admit I had little interest in a bill that seemed to be a big distraction to the real problems that face Scotland, like Boris Johnston, and the stream of bills coming out of Westminster that we have no input or control over.

Today as part of the Alba party, Denise Findlay

Denise Findlay

– in advance of the Women’s The conference, today had written a lengthy piece, I shall not cut and past it, all by here is a taster.

“Women’s concerns have not been heard.  All parties in the Scottish Parliament is signed up in varying degrees to gender ideology.  

The Greens and LibDems are irretrievably anti-women in hock to an ideology that is dangerous to the health and well being of women and girls.  Andy Wightman resigned from the Greens due to their intolerance of any discussion of women’s rights claiming party leader Patrick Harvie is captured by Queer Theory. …………………………

Just before recess, the Scottish Parliament passed the Hate Crimes Bill (HCB). This bill does not give protection to women whose sex have been ignored by the bill.   A man dressed as a woman has more protection against hate than a woman. But it does pose significant danger and risk to women.

The bill introduces a new offence of ‘stirring up hatred’ which requires that behaviour must be judged “abusive or threatening” by a “reasonable” person.

Define ‘Reasonable’ when using the word ‘female’ can be judged transphobic.  When our own justice secretary can’t say if there are two sexes and a judge in England ruled that belief in two sexes was ‘not worthy of respect in a democratic society.  When many women’s accounts have been suspended or banned from social media for stating a biological fact. 

During the passage of the bill amendments that would have given women a small measure of protection was withdrawn due to an outcry by the trans lobby.”

Now you can see why it has caused so many problems and taken forever to pass-through parliament. Now my complaint is not with the bill, I simply do not know or understand enough about what the bill is trying to achieve. No, my problem is if the SNP were to gain an overall majority in the parliament, such bills could go through and be given Queens Assent without due scrutiny and for me that is (duly elected) dictatorship, such as we see at Westminster, Boris sitting with an 80 vote advantage over the opposition with less than 40% of they country’s voter’s approval, and one more reason for more diversity in the Scottish Parliament.

I can not for the life of me understand why we in Scotland get so hung up on gender. Some years back I did the Compostela de Santiago staying in refugees in the process. All refugees (apart from one that was a convent of nuns, although the girls had to pass through the male dorm to get to theirs and passed the male showers that had no door, strange compromise) all others were very much mixed quarters. And since girls outnumber us lads our toilets was not a safe haven, and soon become an overspill for the girls. There seemed to be no problems with modesty either (I don’t mean that people ran around naked) but the odd flash of tits did not seem to be a problem for anyone.

Again on a cycling trip across France, on a day that was inexhaustibly hot, I came upon a hotel where a group of cyclists, both male and female were made use of a hose in the yard stripped to the buff they were happily hosing each other down in a playful way, no inhibitions about sex. Maybe it is time to stop the silliness and (with modesty) accept the reality on the ground, and not try to create problems for ourselves.

Hate is only the prerogative of ignorant people.

Today I have reawakened memories of my years in Germany, amongst some of the best in my life. A top entertainer in early 1960 in Europe was Nana Mouskouri

Nana Mouskouri

she seemed to be constantly on the local radio. When living there in Germany, I bought an LP “Weisse Rosen Aus Athen” – in later years updated to CD. One track on it was a real blast from the past Ta pedia tour pirea (Ein Schiff wird kommen) it was the theme song from a film ‘Never on Sunday’

It’s all Greek to me

– the song was later released in the UK (in English and the words changed to protect the English innocent blushes). I was surprised I could still remember enough of the words of ‘Weisse Rosen Aus Athen, to sing along with Nana, great fun or should that not be Viel SpaB – oh come on Hamilton your just showing off now.

Stay safe.

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