A very long day.

 What a day it has been, the clock is chapping 5 pm and for the first time today I can at last sit down and have a well-erned rest, a cup of tea and a banana sandwich.

The wind had been blowing hard as I ventured out to the shop for bread and milk for the breakfast, I was surprised how warm it was even in the wind. So for reasons better known to me, I decided to do a bit of gardening. I turned over the plot in front of the netted wall and spaded in some of the compost I had acquired earlier, may as well plant the sweet peas since I am here.

Noon and time for lunch, Oh, what’s this the post has brought me, iScot magazine and live plants, yes the strawberry plugs for the hanging troughs, ho-hum.

I could not help having a peek into iScot, as the kettle boiled and the pork chop sizzled in the pan. Of course, I was soon engrossed in an article ‘May’ by Jason Michael McCann.

“In terms of party membership, the SNP did not really register on the United Kingdom’s political landscape before 2014. The independence referendum campaign of 2012 to 2014 was not an SNP campaign. While it is true the SNP contributed greatly t the campaign the reality is that this was in the main grassroots campaign directed by the politically non-partisan Yes Scotland. Put more simply, the Scottish National Party did not create the independence movement- the independence movement created the SNP. Yet, ever since its astronomical growth in membership in the wake of the campaign, the SNP has worked very hard to become the sole political party of the independence movement – to become ‘the vehicle’ of the movement – it has successfully monopolised the discourse on independence politics by silencing all dissent within the party by demonising and expelling even the most loyal of critics and by relentlessly attacking the alienating oppositional voices and opinions across the movement.”

I believe that pretty well sums up the SNP and it has a dismal record in actually campaigning for independence – ‘Wheeshed for Independence’, and of course why Nicola Sturgeon is so miffed at the creation of the Alba party. Dangling the independence carrot in front of the voters noses at each and every election since 2014 and saying vote for me on both papers or you will get a unionist coalition in my place and what chance your prestigious independence then, (that I never will champion, so long as I can keep my party in power and myself as First Minister) as it was then, as it is now. Thankfully we now have the Alba party that will hand back the independence campaign to the grassroots, the people of Scotland.

Goodness me is that the time already?

Must do something with these strawberry plants, and whilst I am at it I may as well make a start to planting out the maypole

This led to planting, the young Lupins

along the wall and the Chrysanthemums on the raised beds.

The cold weather is forecast to return tomorrow hope they survived after all the effort that has been put in raising them from seed to this stage. If all goes well we should have a fair show in June and July and right through until the first frosts of winter.

Me I’m frightened to sit down or I will fall asleep, all this fresh air has taken its toll.

Keep safe.  

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