The North Winds Will Blow and We Will Have Snow.

The snow actually purred away for a while but came to nothing, I decided to leave the plants inside for today.

Headed up to Aldi on Shanks pony I near froze my ball’s off, the wind was cutting. Returning the long way around by the harbour and abbey, but only found a few brave dog walkers out, so the roadshow will be going nowhere today either. Time to hunker down.

The audio wallpaper today is Judy Collins,

And playing now something very special, “Send in the Clowns” (Stephen Sondheim)

I noticed on my way up to Aldi that Rhuaraidh Fleming (SNP) has a prominent poster up in St Andrews for the up and coming Holyrood elections. He will only be a token vote, for he is a lad without much charisma, a rather dour fellow, unlike his opponent, Wee Willie Rennie, the incumbent Lib/Den candidate. Willie has made himself very viable here in St Andrews and has his feet well under the table at Holyrood, so will be hard to uproot.

You would not blame him for putting in the effort he has over the years, well, he would not wish to go back to driving the Kelty bus.

Picture taken at the Lothamond Bus Museum (Fife)

However with the insurgence of the Alba party, Wee Willie could pose a lonely figure in the parliament’s opposition seats after May, all his list vote MSP could be disappearing under an Alba avalanche of list MSP.

“Where are the clowns There ought to be clowns………….”

Back in the 1950 and 1960 we had clippies on the buses, and one lass from Kelty stood out. She was very tall and had reduced her ‘postman pat’ hat to a token of its original size and shape, it was now pinned on top of a mane of bottle blond hair. The straps that held her ticket machine and money bag have been extended to a point that they now hung around the calves of her legs. Legs that seemed to go on forever until they met up with her cutty sark, (short skirt). Possibly modest enough in today’s world but an eye-opener in the 1950s – then you could say the girl was “Just a Kelly Clippie”, (or there again just happy in her own body).

“The times they are a-changing”

Keep safe.

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