The big day arrives.

 Friday was another fine day, weather-wise, I spend most of the day finishing up all my wee jobs, since we are now into campaign mode, and time will be scarce. First Blake 7 a new stand for her television, I suppose it does save space rather than have it sitting on a table or television cabinet, since our living rooms are not overly big.

This time I decided to read the instructions first, when every move is being watched best not to look like an idiot.

Then came the plant pot stand for the garden, I decided to modify the rocking boat (plant stand) since it was starting to look a bit shabby. As it turned out this took a lot less time than building up the flat pack television stand.

I looked up from my work to see the flowering cherry tree in blossom, it was like magic, one moment it was just a tree, next it was a glorious joy to behold.

At the moment I am having to bring the young plants in at night and take them out in the morning, since the clear skies bring a keen coldness during the hours of darkness, even a ground frost. Better to be safe than sorry.

The early evening was taken up with preparing the trailer for tomorrows campaign road trip. Rather than take my tools up to the old kitchen, for you will always need a tool you never brought with you, it would be easier to bring the trailer down to the flat, where all my tools were to hand. I cleared a space in the living room and drilled and bolted the two sideboards on. They certainly improved the whole look of the trailer.

Then came the 12V car battery to run the DVD/CD player, held in place with a ratchet strap, then the inverter, that will be required to charge the battery on the tricycle, with the solar panels, these will not go with me tomorrow since I will just be around the corner from the flat. However, they will be needed when I go further afield to recharge the battery on the trike for the return journey. Flags and flag poles. The circus has certainly come to town.

Time to take it back to the old kitchen, who’s a silly boy then? Adding the boards to the trailer added one inch to its width, just enough for it not to go back out the door, so off came the door. Once out, the door was screwed back in place. The trailers home will now permanently be the old kitchen.

By now I was starting to feel my age, but pleased with my day and tomorrow will be much more relaxing. Doing what I do best blethering.


a bit nervous about the task today, for I am going into battle in a predominantly small C conservative area and many will be students or past students from England. I have no real knowledge of the Alba party, how many members it has (I have heard 4,100 banned about but no official tally), no authorisation, and no big hitters from the party on television or in the media, so it is all very much in the deep end today. However, the Alba party is holding their conference today so should know more by my next blog.

When I was in college, during the summer recess I took a job with the combined insurance company of America, I did not of course tell the interviewer that I was really a student and would be going back in the autumn. After my two weeks of training, I was set loose to find my own leads and make my own sales. I parked the car up in Carnoustie car park, it was then I knew as far as selling went, I was not even born yet. To say those first steps from the car park were nerve-racking, would be an understatement. As it turned out I was a natural, I really liked the job. In fact in hindsight maybe I should have packed in college and becoming a super-duper salesman, then again I would never have become a DJ in a strip club, but that’s another story, and maybe its telling is better left until after the watershed.

Today feels just like that first day as a salesman with the CICA, but a faint heart and all that.

“To the breach, dear friends.

Why put myself in this position, well, it is all about self-determination, my wish is for Scotland to break free of bad decisions made for us by parties at Westminster, parties that we never voted for, in fact, rejected in election after election going right back to the war years. I really did not wish to leave the EU, or have our economy trashed by Brexit, and sadly I feel that Nicola can not, or will not, call another referendum on independence so long as she can hold onto power in Scotland without doing so.

In theory the Alba party makes sense if all the failed SNP list votes had gone to Alba in 2016 we would have had 24 more pro-independent MSP at Holyrood and 24 fewer unionists MSP, a much stronger hand, but Oor Nicola bottled it in 2016, so we are where we are. I feel this election is the last chance saloon for Scotland, I can only put my faith firmly in the Scottish people to see that and vote for Alba on the list, “let’s get independence done”.

We travel hopefully.

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