One Year On.

 Huge Montgomery is the tip of the spear in a large London incentive care unit, and once more he was being interviewed on the Alex Salmond Show.

Coronavirus has taken its toll on everyone, none more so than our NHS staff.

He went over the highs and lows of the last year, in the front line of intensive care, not everyone made it and that was hard. He knew this not only as a doctor but as a father. The man was close to breaking as he told us of the tragic loss of his son, doctors are human too.

He was asked. If you could get all of the leaders of the four nations of the UK in one room what would be your advice to them?

Without hesitation, he would tell them to invest in Social Care. Many of those that came into intensive care were obese, he told us, this cut down their chances of survival. There is little point in telling people they are fat, or lazy and need to diet, if it is difficult for people to exercise or they live in such poverty that all they can eat is cheap unhealthy food.

Schools, he said, should go back to not doing exercise but playing games which is exercise but also fun. Being able to cycle on roads that do not put people in danger. Fast food is cheap but it is the main cause of obesity, make it more expensive…………….

The way humans are living much closer to animals and the way we factory farm means that there will be more and more coronaviruses jumping from animal to human and human to animal.

The way we travel around the world, will spread viruses very quickly too. this will not be the last we see of such viruses, and not the last lockdown unless we mend our ways.

Watch this interview if you can, for it is clear, doing nothing, not learning the lessons of this year, is not an option, for if we ignore the warning then this Bad Dream will become a Recurring Nightmare.   

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