Daffodils and Fairies

 Monday so must be laundry day and a chance to catch up on all the little jobs, today it was for Blake 7 (Agnus my neighbour).

Agnus is a little woman around 5 feet in height but what she looses in height she makes up in energy, never off the stot. She moved in a little over a year ago and her flat looks like an interior decorator came in and turned it into a show house, you would think that no one actually lived in it. She seemed happy with my work.

I did go out for a short run over to Pitscottie and back it was a cold wind and strong enough to have me working hard on the outward leg.

Many daffodils that have grown up along the roadside banking are now in bloom.

When my mother lived in Cottingley, West Yorkshire, (Where the Cottingley fairies came from),

there was a park where I would walk mum’s dog. At one end was a steep bank that the council had planted out with dozens and dozens of daffodil. One afternoon I came down with the dog and a small girls, possibly around 8 0r 10 years of age, had an armful of daffodils, and was continuing to pick more.

“What are you doing?” I asked

And was told, she was picking the flowers to take home to her mum. I suggested that she stopped it and went home with the flowers and to tell her mother where she picked them. Another triggered memories

Then I spend some time transplanting seedlings from a tray, into separate pots, they are looking fine and healthy but too cold to go into the cold frame so they are still in the common room which is making them very leggy.

As I work around the house with hoover and duster I have the news on in the background. The riots in Bristol are prominent, what is interesting is the mixed messages coming out of Westminster. On one hand, unacceptable behaviour, and how the police are already rounding up the ring leaders. And on the other hand, how free speech and freedom of protest must be protected.

What is more serious is that MP live in a bubble and simply seem oblivious to the simmering tension going on in the country. It is like a weak dam with the water building up behind it and not sluice open. The country is split over Brexit, split over the way the coronavirus pandemic has been handled. Lost jobs, lost income, teenagers leaving school, college and university with no future prospects, and all the government have to offer is a vaccine.

The second topic is the reshaping of the armed forces. Army cut by some 77 thousand, which reflects how armies are more about technology these days than boots on the ground. As for the Royal Navy well they are heading for the Pacific, where they will be based on a permanent footing. Since all the planes on board the Elizabeth class aircraft-carrier will be American, and of course her escort ships, clearly this is where the US wants them.

Interesting reports coming out of northern Syria where the Kurds are holding thousands of refugees, that no one wants ownship off, since most are women and children (more than 50% children) and many foreigners to the region. They are living in misery, in makeshift camps, with no future. What the report was about, not how they have been abandoned, by those responsible for their flight, but how a new Islamic State caliphate is growing up in the camps. Now that is a surprise?

When is the US and its allies going to get the message? If you go into a country, destroy its infrastructure, its law and order, and government, and the collateral damage is millions of displaced people, then children that are growing up in such camps will not thank you for what you have done to their country or to them. They will become what Gaza has become under Israeli occupation, a breeding ground for discontent, that will spread across the western world. The US did not make itself safer by such bad foreign policy, it put itself in danger. These kids in these camps only have slingshots now, what will they have in 10 years from now?

With tension now between the US and Europe, I can see a permanent split coming, Europe will form its own northern alliance, without the UK and US, it will be more of a European defensive force, since they do not have any foreign territory to defend, and will withdraw from NATO (as it is now, a dumping ground for American arms sales).

I see Jimmy Hamilton QC has cleared Nicola Sturgeon of all allegations, as mum would say “Never trust a Hamilton”. Strange times indeed.

Keep safe.

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