Another beautiful spring-like day and like Maria, “Oh Reverent Mother, I just could not help myself, the sky was so blue…..”.

I set off on my tricycle for Ceres, all went well until Blebo Mains, where the left-hand pedal came loose. Now it could not happen if it had been properly fitted, so I suspect it had been put on and the set screw loosely fitted but not properly tightened, maybe I just did not have the proper Allen key to hand, so I’ll do it later, alas later had not come. How long ago was this, I have no idea.

Normally it will require a puller to get the crank off the bottom bracket so if I hammer it back on it should get me home. I found a heavy stone and chapped it back into place and added the stone to the tools in my pannier bag, no Allen key big enough for the crank screw of course. It did not hold, a few turns of the pedal and it was once more lying in the roadway. I had clipless pedals, but I was wearing my walking boots. I did not fancy the 8-mile walk home from here, what to do? I dug in the bottom of my pannier bag and came out with a long cable tie and duct tape, my boot was firmly secured to the right-hand pedal, foot back in the boot and laced up, I set off one-legged for home. I have never felt so awkward on a bike, ever, thankfully it was my tricycle so no balance issues. I arrived home, safe and well.

Once home the offending crank was soon secured and the other check, just in case, I always check over my machine before leaving on any trip however short, tyres, brakes then lift and bump the bike on the road to listen for any rattles, the last thing I thought of was a loose crank, lessons learned, more so on a tricycle, that will not fit in the boot of any bus.


It had been a bit special, what with it being the first day of spring and a proper spring-like day.

Home and pot of tea after pot of tea, I just could not quench my thirst, I should have drank much more when out, once you are dehydrated it is hard to get enough water back inside.

My e-mails answered I settled down and switched on the television to see what was happening in the world, I may not have bothered, the government telling us how great they are doing. they have managed to vaccinate half the adult population and less that 150 thousand deaths, what’s not to like. Maybe we should send them a thank you note.

As I flicked through the list of programmes my eyes popped, Seven Brides for Severn Brothers, one of the best musicals made way back in 1954, the heyday of the musical films, many made in CinemaScope and Todd-AO. All these great movies made right up until the end of the 1950s when the US government changed the tax laws, that was the end of the multi million dollar movies. Now computer graphic has taken over so the modern films are simply comic cut animation, with poor dialogue. When they were talking about a squeal to the Star Wars movie that was such success when it made its first appearance, they started with the computer graphics some18 months before even one line of scrip was written.

Art and culture has disappearing from our world. Once they held auditions to weed out all the hopeful dreamers with no talent that wished to be in the spotlight, now they make these wannabes the show. Where are the real singers, dancers, actors and actresses to come from if you no longer need talent or put in the hard work at an academy or do your apprenticeship in provincial theatre, just have enough clicks on you internet page and you are a celebrity, You are now made for life invited onto ever chat show, game show, and will even be asked for your opinion about politics, and the ills of the world, and don’t get me started on television soap.

So not the day I had in mind, but I still put in a few miles and my tricycle has now had a full service, so what is not to like.

Keep safe.  

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