Breaking the Law.

I must have pushed hard yesterday on the run over to Lindores, for I was feeling it in my legs on my return, I had turned in at around 10.30 pm and slept like the proverbial log until after 8 am this morning. I woke to feel on top of the world.

My neighbour, Agnus Blake – I call her Blake 7, from an old TV show, it’s the way I have of remembering names. She had been buying online again and needed ‘A wee job done’ I have become an expert at flat-pack furnisher. This was Thursday, I said I would be round on Saturday if that was OK?

Saturday and the day were far too good for working indoors so I sneaked out and headed up the A915 for Upper Largo. I really don’t know why they bother with all the security cameras no matter when you come and go, or what you are doing someone will tell you the next day

“I saw you ………….”

The plot today was to climb Largo Law one of the 7 Marilyns, well if old Margaret Squires can do it …… Margaret is an 81 years (young) lady, and accomplished it in 1hour 35 minutes a distance of 1.9 miles and a climb of 718 ft, a wee pimple, we scoff at such challenges.

You can not get lost on this walk there are sign everywhere, mostly telling you what you must not do.

Notice board at the start

I was raised in a “no you don’t” world, overrun with rules,

Memorize your lines and move as directed,

That’s an age-old story,

Everybody knows that’s a worn our song.

Lyrics from ‘Woman in the Moon’ (from a star is born).

I certainly take my hat off to the old bugger, I puffed and wheezed my way up the first part of the climb. It is steep, the track is worn away to desperate and must be a nightmare when wet. I did my zag-zag back and forth across the face of the hill. And met up with a young couple halfway up. The lad had a huge camera slung around his neck, so I whipped out my point and shoot camera and asked if he could take a photograph of this intrepid adventurer, on the slopes of a mountain. (poetic licence).

They come in all ages too.

Funny how semi-professional cameramen are, all the same, ask then to take a snap and you get at least six. He asked me to look into the distance, which I did, in the direction I had just come, from the cemetery, which at this point in the climb seemed apt.

Finally the top, ha, ha fooled you it was a false summit. But from here the going was much easier, the path less worn and the grass much more sure underfoot. The top this time? no. there is a dip and finally, you see the trig point not far off.

I always find it more difficult coming down so I stayed clear of the path altogether and did my zig-zag down the longer grass slope.

There were a good number of people out on the hill today, all shapes and sizes, a family group with dogs in tow.

The little poodle was a randy little chap, and wanted to have his evil way with a very much larger collie.

Oh! he nearly pulled it off,

Oh what an acrobat,

But Borwin got bored and down she sat,

Now they say that after making love you often feel quite flat,

I’m sure little Gomes would agree with that. E. Bogal.

All too soon, I was back at the car park outside the cemetery where the trail starts. I took the coast road home, it was as busy as I have seen it, and the speed of the traffic suggested it was all local, for during the summer these small roads will see the traffic travelling in 35 to 40 mph hour, a sightseeing convoy.

The Neuk has a time of its own, disputing all attempts to move it on at a faster pace of life. The road that rises high over the Forth between Elie to St Monans, gives a great view out over the estuary, with the May clear to see. The sea today was slate grey, with white horses galloping over its surface as the incoming tide raced against the flow of the river.

The wind was driving me on all the way to Anstruther then turned into a crosswind from there all the way into St Andrews. The wind turbines were certainly earning their corn today.

The first (official) day of spring, and I could not have wished for a better start.

Stay safe.

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