Lochs and Horses.

 Another grand morning, light winds out of the west, I set off on the cycle track then onto the A91 for Cupar, the bike knows the road now, I just pedal. I carried straight on through Cupar still on the A91 and then, just after Melville Roundabout, and before the railway bridge, I turned onto the Collessie road, this small road takes you up passed Collessie Farm where they breed a shire type of horse, not as big as a Clydesdale, but big just the same, as is their hoofs.

“They call your daddy ‘Big Boots’, G.I. Blues. This one was a youngster and was much more interested in the food in the bin than the cameraman, clearly an intelligent animal.

Climbing to the top of the hill and into the tiny village of Collessie itself, a large parish church dominates the village and looks so out of place amongst the small cottages that surround it. Last time I visited it had a For Sale sign outside, good sound property, quiet neighbours. 

Then back down onto the B937 for Lindores. I just love this little road that follows the line of the railway up through the valley. At the railway bridge that crosses the track, you get your first gimps of Lindores Loch. In the stubble fields on both sides of the road, there were dozens of Pheasant feeding – The ones that got away.

I stood a while just admiring the view, there were people in the hut for the stove was lit and they wire burning wood, the strong pungent smell drifting in the light wind. I joined the A913 back for Cupar, now the wind was aiding my progress but the cloud was bubbling up so I stopped to pull on a sweater, and take a picture of another horse and pony, most every field seem to have ponies in them.

From the crossroads it is a bit of a pull up to the turn off for the mound, but I was heading straight into Cupar so from here it was downhill all the way.

Not sure why this road, but it is always littered with drink cans and plastic bottles. Why do cyclist do is, if they have carried a full bottle all this way, then surely the empty bottle will be no weight to take home with them, or at least the nearest refuge bin.

I feel a change in the weather, still it has been a good week and we have achieved a lot, anyway these old bones could do with a rest.

Keep Safe.

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